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AI-Powered PPC Management Cannot Thrive Without Human Interaction

Lauren Lawson

3 years ago



You can inject AI and automation into PPC management all you like; however, this will not benefit your business as much as paired with human expert PPC management.

The misconception that AI will soon replace human PPC management drives many businesses into acquiring PPC software and tools that are not the right fit, nor do they have the experience to manage them.

Performing research on a compatible digital marketing agency to hire for your PPC advertising needs can provide the best of both worlds in terms of PPC management by a team of experts and PPC tools to complement its efficiency.

PPC Success Still Needs An Expert

PPC automation has changed the way we manage PPC. It has not come to dominate but supplement our efficiency needs in PPC management, such as taking over tasks that would be better off left to a virtual assistant that can manage them in record speed and accuracy.

AI only serves its purpose based on the data it receives. Lack of data can lead to costly mistakes as it ventures through the learning process of your PPC campaigns. Human oversight and AI automation become the gold mine you have been missing out on as s digital marketing solution for your business.

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Keeping Ahead Of The Competition

If we all relied on set-up and forget strategies through PPC automation, we would not have the level of engagement that exists today thanks to the innovation in PPC management talent.

The human touch will always be behind the scenes when it comes to quality management in PPC optimizations and discovering new growth opportunities.

Ad Engagement

While AI can get you off to a great start in creating ad copies, efficiently optimizing and A/B testing ads through deductive reasoning can only be performed by humans.

Matching a suitable ad copy with the right audience based on collected data requires an understanding beyond AI. Creative thinking can only come from a mind that knows how and why an ad is effective with audiences.

Automated creation can accomplish agility in ad copywriting. Still, a human eye for detail is paramount when delivering a personalized message through ads. It will mark a difference when it comes to promoting a unique user experience and engagement.

Troubleshooting Performance

When things go amiss in your PPC account, aside from detecting the issue, you also want to make sure you have a solution to implement as soon as possible to avoid any unwanted loss in spend.

While AI can be great at predicting trends and forecasts for performance, knowing the answer to why it may deviate from these expectations surpasses its capability.

A good scenario where humans become superheroes in the equation is when conversion tracking is off, automation can probably detect an issue but cannot fix it. Your account could be running without proper tracking and go undetected or unfixed for some time.

Aligning The Right KPIs

Yes, automated bid strategies have emerged and proven to be quite beneficial to many businesses. Take, for example, Google’s Smart Bidding strategies:

  • Target CPA (cost-per-acquisition)
  • Target ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • Maximize Conversions
  • Enhanced Cost-Per-Click (ECPC)

Google Adwords Smart Bidding

Although they may seem like a perfect fit for the main goals of a business, you still have to think about how each one may restrict other objectives. Wanting to target CPA can cap conversion volume, just as maximizing conversions can decrease your ROAS. Therefore the rescue of human touch through manual bid adjustments and optimization strategies complement automation to target business goals.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Humans

Frederick Vallaeys Co-Founder and CEO of Optmyzr, believes there are three pillars for being a successful PPC marketer in a world where AI takes over.

1. Anticipate the new roles humans will play.

2. Have a plan of action for your business to leverage AI.

3. Know how automation works through AI and machine learning to catch on to opportunities quickly.

AI Interaction With Humans For PPC Management

Until the day comes when artificial intelligence evolves in developing machines that can interact, engage, think, adapt, and respond as humans do, it remains impossible for such AI to replace human resources.

The Takeaway About PPC Automation

AI and machine learning automation have imposed significant influence on digital marketing transformation. It has marked a different PPC playground in which PPC experts are essential players. Their support and PPC automation have only increased PPC marketing strategy and management potential to a maximum.

The delegation of tasks to AI by humans has only provided a window of opportunity to spend more time on priorities that help the bigger picture in PPC management, such as growing and scaling a business.

Here at White Shark Media, we embrace PPC automation and incorporate it into our innovative strategies for PPC account management; we have even developed in-house tools that leave us to focus on priority objectives for businesses like yours. Learn more about how we incorporate PPC automation into PPC management.