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4 Ways to Improve Your PPC Marketing by Understanding Your Customer

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



From family brunch to business, the golden rule of conversation is “Know thy audience.” Most focus on what they want to say as opposed to who will hear it. Yet, knowing the audience can determine whether they will listen to what you say.

Focusing on the audience doesn’t have to compromise your message. It has to do more with packing it for delivery.

Speakers and writers must consider who they are addressing. These people are overwhelmed with content. Now more than ever, what interests and sets off consumers matters.

PPC marketing is a conversation with users via digital placements. Like the scenarios mentioned above, understanding your audience can help connect with them.

Below we discuss the many different areas where it can mark the difference.

Creating a Strategy

Suppose you are giving away coupons for green juices on a warm summer Friday. You’ve decided to stand on the street corner where there is a lot of foot traffic and try your best by playing the numbers game.

For all the hours you spent on the street corner trying to get people’s attention, you slowly began to notice the profile of the people who looked interested in learning more or using their coupon.

The next day, you decide to stand outside of a gym and focus on handing out coupons in between classes rushing in and out. You do much better on this time and work just a portion of the time that you did the previous one.

Understanding your customer is important to the formation of your strategy. The selection of placements, campaign types, and smaller details will determine how relevant your ad is to your audience.

Contributes to Customer Retention

Existing customers are the bread and butter of any business. Sadly, many businesses, 44% of them, have a greater focus on customer acquisition compared to the 18% that focus on retention.

Customer Retention Cost

We all get it, acquiring new customers is fundamental to growth, but in order for your business to grow, a portion of your marketing efforts should be focused on those who already know your products and are already using them.

Research conducted by Fred Reichheld of Bain & Company (a global management consulting firm) shows that a simple 5% increase in customer retention produces more than a 25% increase in profit.

This is because existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more, when compared to new customers.

Their willingness to keep purchasing makes them valuable, quite possibly a little bit more than your leads.

Understanding their needs and expectations will be elementary to setting up PPC, SEO, and website design. Your ad copy and placements align should be set to remarket to your existing customers and encourage Action.

Maximizes Your Resources

We all get it; acquiring new customers is fundamental to growth, but for your business to take off, a portion of your marketing efforts should be focused on those who already know your products and are already using them.

Understanding your customers is a tip any strategist would give you to save yourself months of time and money.

It takes months of engagement and data for anyone starting in PPC to build up the segments and profiles that allow teams to improve targeting. The initial three months are usually an educated mix.

starting in PPC

Not understanding your customer is the equivalent of staying at that initial stage. Your business can burn through money, guessing who you target and how to reach them. The secret to PPC marketing is about learning and adjusting time and time again.

Provides Direction For Bottom of the Funnel

The bottom of the marketing funnel is about taking action and has the potential to boost PPC performance and conversions.

These folk are about to become your clients, they are just looking for a reason to purchase what’s in their cart or abandon it. Focusing your copy to solve issues can give them the motivation that they were looking for to take action.

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As you can see from the points mentioned above, you can clean up your communications with a bit of intentional tweaking. Your customers won’t wonder if a product or service is for them; they will be 100% sure that it is and know how it solves their problems.

Remember that your customers are bombarded with content daily. They regularly have to plow through messaging and narrow down what works for them and why. If you do that work for them, they will appreciate it.

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