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How to Use PPC to Generate One Lead per Day

White Shark Media

7 years ago



There’s pretty much only one reason why you’d want to invest in PPC – you want more customers. However, you often hear that PPC takes time to catch on, that you have to invest in the process, and that it’s fast, but not instant. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Unlike SEO, online advertising really can be instant – and can pull in high quality leads starting on day one. That success can, and should, continue consistently every day. After all, you’re hitting people when they are literally searching for your product at that moment, so make the most of it!

Here’s how you can up your PPC game so that you get one lead per day:

Used Focused Landing Pages

If your conversion rates are great but you aren’t actually generating leads, it may mean that your audience is looking for more specific content targeted at them. The way to deliver that is to create more focused landing pages that vary based on the searches that most reliably bring people to your site.

In order to successfully do this, start tracking what queries are triggering your ads, and which pages on your site are most commonly of interest to those people after they click through. Once you have that information you can custom build a landing page that tells them exactly what they want to know, right away. This shortening of your sales funnel will allow more leads to complete it.

Track Your Metrics

In order to have successful landing pages, however, you’ll need to track metrics – which is a common oversight by many businesses looking to cut costs. While it is easier to guesstimate what’s working while feeding exactly your budget into your PPC strategy, it’s only saving money in the short term. In the long term, you’re losing out on hundreds, if not thousands, of potential leads finding your brand. You can’t improve what you don’t understand, and if you don’t record metrics and activities, you’ll never really know what’s working.

Target Mobile

It’s been about a year since Google redesigned AdWords for a mobile-first world – and shortly after, they changed their search algorithm. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that over 60% of search queries are now done on mobile – so if you aren’t perfecting your mobile strategy, it’s time to ask yourself, why not?

Look to Other Brands

One of the best ways to learn how to do something well is to look to other brands to see how they did it. White Shark Media put these practices to the test with our client, Miami Mattress Outlet. This one-person business was on the brink of disaster due to a lack of leads, until his White Shark Media account manager got to work and turned this local business around.

We started off by installing a complete tracking system for Miami Mattress Outlet that recorded all user behavior and interactions with their PPC ads and website. We then used these insights to tailor experiences to better target the ideal audience.

The new PPC campaign kicked into high gear once we implemented a much more aggressive mobile strategy. We chose to focus on mobile after our metric tracking system indicated that their PPC ads were doing much better on smartphones than on desktop. This strategy was bolstered with a strategic bidding system and ad copy that focuses on differentiators.

The results from White Shark Media’s efforts with Miami Mattress Outlet were quite impressive:

  • Increase monthly revenue growth by over 700% monthly
  • Increase monthly conversions by 2,583%
  • Average conversion rate increased by 389%
  • Cost per conversion has decreased by 84%

If you’d like to learn more, read the full case study here. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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