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Tips to Create an Effective Sales Enablement Plan to Boost Your Sales

Miguel Saballos

2 years ago



Calling all digital marketing agencies out there! You’ll want to take note and include this in your sales process.

At this point, the positive impact that sales enablement plans have caused in the business world is indisputable. This is why many companies all over the world have adopted an ongoing process to equip their sales teams with resources to sell effectively and increase revenue. Just to give you an idea, check out some statistics related to this transformation:

  • Sales enablement adoption has increased by 343% over the last few years.
  • Google searches for “sales enablement” continue to increase by over 51% YoY.
  • As a result of sales enablement, 76% of business organizations have seen an increase in sales between 6% and 20%.

Now that we have gone over these facts, we can practically deduce that implementing a sales enablement plan is necessary for every business. A marketing agency is no different; with a well-structured plan, you can align your team’s efforts, improve content management, generate customized reports and optimize every part of the sales process to make it more effective and efficient.

Take a look at how sales enablement benefits you.

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After evaluating the importance of a sales enablement plan and deciding to implement one, you might wonder: How do I do this correctly? This is why our experts have gathered some essential tips that will help you.

Let’s go over what to include in your sales enablement plan to achieve skyrocketing results!

Get Ready With the Right Knowledge Base

When someone is prepared, that someone will be confident and do the job. It’s as simple as that. Having sales collateral at your fingertips becomes an everyday challenge for a sales team, especially staying up to date with the rapidly changing online markets. Many industries frequently shift market structure, embrace new technologies and induce new customer behavior changes, which might be very challenging.

sales enablement plan

What’s The Solution?

Some agencies take impulsive actions, while others take none at all. The right course of action to follow is to adopt a mechanism that allows you to equip your reps with the latest data and trends from diverse industries.

Relevant facts, statistics, case studies, and the simple impression you make by portraying yourself as someone who knows the market are unfailing elements to persuade a prospect that your agency is the right one for them. You will gain their trust, and once you get to this, the rest will be a piece of cake.

One of the latest systems you can use to access high-quality content is a digital library. By granting your team access to a solution like this, they will never lack resources like pitch decks, one-pagers, videos, case studies, and more.

The knowledge base is the first step to getting your sales team ready to succeed! But, are there any other elements to consider for creating an outstanding sales enablement plan? Let’s see what else is missing.

Put Your Data and Analytics Into Action

Some believe that information is power. But there is nothing more powerful than using it in your favor.

In digital marketing, there are unlimited resources that you can use to add value to your sales pitch.

As mentioned before, you can use general data from your client’s industry and specific case studies from other companies. In addition, you can persuade your prospects by analyzing their businesses and, based on this, show them how they can benefit from the digital advertising services that you offer.

How can you apply this principle?

Well, for one, you can audit your prospects’ existing campaigns to pinpoint inefficiencies, identify new areas of improvement and find new opportunities. By including an audit tool in your sales enablement plan, you can simplify this process by saving your reps time and effort.

Choose the Right Tools

If you make sales, you are acquainted with all the overwhelming tasks a sales team must complete before and after a sale. This is not something efficient for you to be on top of personally because you lose money, time, effort, and the opportunity to optimize your sales process.

Technology is one of the main pillars of a sales enablement plan. This is why you need to make sure that you can embrace this principle to optimize your sales process. Automated solutions can be implemented at every stage of your operation, from collecting and analyzing data to creating reports and proposals.

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Close Your Sales Like a Pro

The tools, the knowledge, and the content are fundamental pillars that you should consider for your sales enablement plan to maximize your sales results. But what happens when you face your prospects and throw your sales pitch to them? How can you add value to this? A considerable part of the decision-making process of every prospect is based on rationality. Building a solid proposal will help you appeal to this aspect by leveraging objective data.

Now, you might wonder what you should include in your PPC proposal. Our PPC experts strongly suggest including the following elements:

  • Account Audits
  • Takeover Strategies
  • Competitors Research
  • Market Opportunities
  • Budget Recommendations

Ready to Boost Your Sales?

As Alan Lakein said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” This is about right! The good news is that now you know how to create your own sales enablement plan and equip your reps with the best resources to outperform the competition. Let’s put it this way, the more prepared you are, the better your results. And let’s be honest, nobody wants to settle for average results, so it’s time to get down to work and create your game-changing plan.

You’re not alone in this! Sales enablement resources are limitless, and you can always get assistance from digital marketing experts with a sales consultations focus to guide and support your team in every step of the process. And guess what! Some agencies actually simplify this process by offering a complete stack of tools and resources that can save you a lot of time and effort. Learn more about these packages by checking out our compass package.