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SEO: The Legal Industry’s Foundation To Success

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



Some pairs come together to make magic—peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, and, of course, SEO and PPC.

An integrated SEO and PPC campaign can increase your ability to dominate the SERPs since they both utilize auction and ranking insights to outperform competitors. This combination can increase:

  • Clicks by 30%
  • Website visits by 40%
  • Conversions by 44%

This pairing is especially effective with our legal industry clients because it creates opportunities for growth, larger case acquisition, and increased revenue.

Together, these two processes connect users to the legal services they need.

The Legal Industry & SEO

Traditional marketing is fine, but there are more effective ways to boost client business.

SEO is an excellent add-on to your current marketing plans, whatever they are. The most successful firms have a broad range of case acquisition strategies in place.

The legal industry is one of the most competitive verticals, and navigating the SEO waters around them requires a lot of dedication and constant evolution:

  • Historically, many big players have high budgets to throw around for case acquisition. Pairing SEO and PPC allows you to move forward without trying to compete with their unfeasibly high budgets.
  • Law firms are viewed as being more or less all the same. Use SEO and PPC to stand out among competitors.
  • Law firms don’t usually leverage technology to reach their desired audience. These marketing strategies allow firms to target specific users with particular interests for higher-quality leads.

Enhance Client Performance and Sales with Local SEO

There are various types of SEO, and by implementing helpful and relevant information on your site is likely to be noticed by search engines, which will then share it with the users who need it.

This is particularly important for local SEO, which is essential to digital marketing strategies because of the rise of searches for nearby businesses via mobile devices.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 30% of all mobile searches have local intent and 70% will visit a nearby business after conducting a local search. If you don’t have a local strategy in place, it can result in missed opportunities.

To reinforce the importance of device usage, make sure that your client’s legal website is mobile-friendly. When users perform these searches, you’ll want to make sure that they get the information they are looking for quickly.

Get Found With Business Listings

Modern law firms must prioritize getting found online. Search engines are where clients who need legal services will first look.

Uberall states that 82% of consumers use their phones to conduct “near me” searches – which includes legal help.

There are several tools to help advertisers leverage local SEO. Google My Business and Bing Places manage your client’s business listing on each platform, making them essential to carrying out this process successfully on Google and Microsoft networks.

Business profiles are at the heart of online branding. Google is constantly working on new features to help advertisers connect with clients and use them as data points to understand brands better. Some of these features include:

  • GMB Posts
  • Service Areas
  • Online Hours/Online Appointment capability
  • Date Business established
  • Review – keyword filters

These business listings can serve as a first impression when users search for your client’s firm, products, or services online. Furthermore, you can attract new clients by optimizing business listings to increase reach and engagement.

Distinguishing Yourself Through SEO Content

  • Establish a Brand through niche blogging .
  • Become a trusted source by providing information on trending topics regularly to gain credibility with readers and leads.
  • Help your clients by sticking to topics written by experts, which will result in greater contributions and richer content.
  • Create FAQ videos to increase engagement, time spent on websites, and conversion rates.
  • Leverage guest blogs by expert content to obtain abacklinks from authoritative sites.

Distinguishing Yourself Through Link Building

Best explained by Search Engine Journal, “Link building is a term for how marketers and SEO professionals acquire links to their content. The hope is that those links lead more people to the content, and also help lead to higher search engine rankings.

Do this by:

Leveraging existing relationships

  • Donations
  • Volunteer work
  • Board Member Participation
  • Public Speaking
  • Press, media, and small business relationships

Local Community Involvement

  • Recurring events to offer consistency and legitimacy
  • Annual food, clothes, or school supply drives
  • Community wide nomination projects
  • Local Star Student Award
  • Local Veteran Hero
  • Local Adopt-a-Family (during holidays)

Leverage firm’s branding

  • Podcasts
  • FAQ Videos
  • Publishing thought-leader articles
  • Getting quoted in press sources
  • Press Releases

SEO is constantly evolving, making it challenging to cover all the different methods to increase sales without pairing it with PPC.

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Conclusion & Takeaways

Historically, the legal industry has not aggressively leveraged technology to connect with audiences. Our white label marketing tools can increase awareness of your legal clients and help them acquire new business in their local area.

Pairing SEO with PPC will help your client’s reach by tapping into digital marketing and new growth opportunities. SEO done right will increase your client conversion rate significantly.

Learn more about how SEO and PPC can transform your legal firm by speaking to one of our legal industry specialists today!