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Your Business on Social Media in 2024: Trends to Watch & Tips For the Win

Emily Aguilar

3 months ago

We are a few months into 2024, so if you are reading this, there is a high chance that you're fine-tuning your social media strategy for the year and searching for the latest trends. But there’s more to just incorporating trends; you need to ensure your content engages and caters to your audiences.

Luckily, we have you in mind and are here to guide you in the right direction!

Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Long Form Content Is Back! But It’s Different From What You Think

Short videos still rule the engagement roost, capturing fleeting attention spans with lightning speed. But here's the twist: those same platforms are pushing longer videos. 

Why this shift is happening:

  • TikTok's Influence: The rise of platforms like TikTok has conditioned audiences to crave engaging, visually-driven experiences. Even longer videos on TikTok, from one minute to 30 minutes, show the appetite for deeper dives within a shorter format.
  • long form content tiktok
  • Attention Spans: Yes, they might be shorter, but that doesn't mean people don't want to learn or be immersed in a topic. They want it delivered in a way that's digestible and engaging.
  • SEO Benefits: Long-form content, even in video format, still holds SEO advantages. It allows you to cover a topic comprehensively, include relevant keywords, and attract backlinks, contributing to better search engine rankings.

VR/AR is Reshaping Brand Connections

While virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have existed for some time, their applications in social media marketing are steadily growing. In fact, according to a Statista report, the global market for augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality reached 28 billion USD in 2021 and is projected to surpass 250 billion USD by 2028.

These technologies offer unique ways for users to interact with the virtual world, and businesses can leverage this potential to boost their social media in 2024 presence through: 

  • Enhanced Product Visualization: Try on clothes, explore spaces, or experience services virtually, leading to better understanding, recall, and purchases.
  • Storytelling and Brand Experiences: Create immersive narratives, showcase values, and offer exclusive glimpses, fostering emotional connections and building loyalty.
  • Community Building and User-Generated Content: Encourage participation with interactive filters and AR challenges, building a community and amplifying brand reach and engagement. 

Did someone accidentally write the script for 2024 based on a "Black Mirror" episode?

@barstoolsports Apple Vison Pro on the subway 😧 @Barstool Gametime ♬ original sound - Barstool Sports

How Voice Search is Transforming Social Media in 2024

More and more businesses are using voice search on social media platforms to connect with customers and expand their reach.This trend aligns with the broader rise of voice assistants and conversational interfaces, where users can search for information and interact with brands using natural language. Social media platforms adapt to this shift by integrating voice search functionalities, allowing users to find relevant content, brands, and products through spoken commands.

Extra Tips on Leveraging Voice Search for Social Media

  • Use natural language and long-tail keywords that mimic spoken questions. Think "how to..." and "what is..." phrases.
  • Include location-specific keywords if relevant to your business or target audience.
  • Answer questions directly and concisely in captions, descriptions, and video transcripts.
  • Consider translating key content and captions to reach a wider audience.

Are you curious about voice search and its benefits beyond social media territories? Tune in to our YouTube video. 

Optimize Your SEO Strategy for Voice Search

Embracing Social Commerce as a Core Part of Your Digital Strategy

Remember the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend? Social media platforms are increasingly becoming hubs for product discovery. 

With billions of users spending hours daily on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, businesses have a captive audience ready to be converted.

popular social media platforms 2024

Social platforms have a wealth of user data, allowing businesses to target ads and product recommendations precisely. This personalized approach increases the chances of resonating with customers and driving conversions.

Don’t Get Left Behind, Update Your Social Media Strategy!

We hope this overview has shed light on some key trends to consider as you craft your social media strategy. From the impactful influence of long-form content to the immersive potential of VR and the rising prominence of voice search, these trends open exciting avenues for engagement and brand building.

However, navigating trends and applying updates to your strategy can be challenging. That's where our social media advertising services come in. We partner with you to develop a data-driven, multi-faceted approach that aligns with your brand goals and leverages the latest digital marketing trends. Together, we can turn your social media strategy into a success story. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.