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Close Deals Without Delays with White Shark Media’s Compass

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



Last year, we launched a PPC sales enablement tool to help digital marketing agencies convert leads and support their teams through the changes in the world and market. White Shark Media’s Compass allows agencies to optimize their efforts during each stage of the PPC sales process and accelerate closings.

White Shark Media’s Compass

If this is the first time hearing about Compass, you’re in for a treat. Our sales enablement tool focuses entirely on PPC, so whether you already offer pay-per-click advertising or are looking to add it to your portfolio, our Compass is the ace up your sleeve.

Before we get into the newest version of our PPC software, here’s a breakdown of the tools and how they come together to deliver better results.

PPC Audit Engine:

This tool generates audits coupled with recommendations for your Google & Microsoft ad campaigns. The reports are easy-to-access, download, and share in PDF format. Our white label features make it easy to brand all of these materials as your own.

Interested in learning more about PPC audits? Check out our latest post, “GIVING AWAY OUR SECRETS: EASIEST WAY TO AUDIT PAY PER CLICK CAMPAIGNS.”

Proposals Generator:

Our proposal engine generates white-label proposals that include keyword recommendations, competitor data, ad previews, and more. These documents will help teams present the data that will back innovative strategies and optimizations to clients.

Sales Consultations:

We offer a 2-hour consultation with our Strategic Account Managers to walk your team through pipeline reviews, proposal walkthroughs, pitch growth strategies, and more. Need more than 2 hours? Extra time with our experts is possible with an additional fee.

Sales Courses:

Our very own online academy. Take PPC and sales courses at your own pace and easily reference topics as they come up.

Collateral Library:

A sales library that covers every subject under the PPC sun.

What’s New With White Shark Media’s Compass?

As partner agencies adopted our PPC tools for their daily tasks, we gathered questions and suggestions from their experiences. Naturally, we leveraged these insights to address common obstacles these digital marketing agencies faced.

Without further ado, let’s explore the new features on the platform.

Platform Upgrade:

For those who enjoyed the Compass user-friendly interface, we’ve made the experience easier than ever and added a single sign-on functionality for speedy access.

PPC sales enablement

Academy for Agencies Platform:

Our new Academy platform is available on its own for anyone looking to learn about or improve their PPC sales. An Academy subscription gives users access to various courses designed to share the knowledge agencies need to grow their portfolios.

This collection is created for your agency’s marketing and sales teams and teaches individuals to craft strategies while also covering the customer life cycle and other internal processes.

Academy by White Shark Media
Take a closer look at the Academy for Agencies on our website.

Sales and Marketing Collateral Platform:

The Sales and Marketing feature has also been given its own platform to function independently. This platform now includes detailed email templates to facilitate communications for our agency partners. Search through our base of templates that support each of the sales cycle touchpoints.

Sales and Marketing Platform

What Makes the Compass Different From Other Sales Enablement Platforms?

There are a variety of sales enablement tools for sales teams looking to organize their pitch decks and documents, and help them streamline their sales processes. However, none of them are 100% focused on PPC. They are generic.

Agencies that use WSM Compass, on the other hand, can find custom resources for their PPC sales efforts.

In addition, there is not another PPC sales enablement all-in-one package that has the resources agencies will need throughout the entire sales cycle, from initial prospecting to closing the final deal.


Our tool prioritizes and facilitates PPC sales so that your team can focus on the client. Exploring the new features just added to Compass will give you a better idea of the time and money your team can save by adding it to your daily tools.

We’re extremely excited about these new features and product changes that are making our Compass PPC management software even better.

If you want more information about our Compass Tool, visit our new website and book a demo with one of our strategic account managers.