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How PPC Sales Enablement Impacts Every Stage of the Sales Cycle

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



The best sales enablement tools can reduce errors, increase profits, and support each stage of the PPC sales cycle.

Compass is easy to set up and start using, so your marketing agency will have the most effective resources to build your strategies for selling PPC services.

We’ve broken down the sales cycle into all of its parts to see how these tools can impact every stage of the process. Sometimes, even as professionals, it’s possible to overlook what stage we are in and how this technology could be used, but when we understand how to weave it into every aspect of the cycle, we can start to achieve the best results.

Read on for a refresher on each stage and how our sales enablement tool works to move you to the next level.


A sale requires a client. Ergo, when a prospect is identified, a sale cycle has begun. This initial stage allows both parties to air out their qualifying concerns:

  • Sales representatives have a chance to inform the client about their product, how it is unique, and problems that it will solve. This is a chance to push the value of your product or services before getting into more complex discussions like costs and the specifics of a partnership.
  • Additionally, prospecting allows the sales team to determine whether or not the potential client is a match for their product or service. Can they afford your product?

Compass addresses prospecting through two main functions that will guide a potential customer to more actionable stages.

The first are our Sales Consultations. Here, our PPC experts guide you through pipeline reviews, pitch growth strategies, and provide useful tips to attract new prospects.

The second resource helps your team make a smooth first call. Leveraging our Collateral Library gives our partners access to effective resources for advertising on the major platforms (Google, Microsoft, Facebook) and SEO products for better sales communication.

This includes:

  • Case studies
  • Decks
  • Infographics on different platforms
  • Exploration of different markets
  • Industry trends, etc

Go through one-pagers that cover anything from what PPC is to how one can remain competitive with your digital marketing during COVID times. Search our library to discover documents on how to improve your SEO and address popular Facebook topics.

Identifying Needs

Providing an effective solution shows you understand the client’s needs, and listening to their issues and frustrations helps determine what to do next.

This is also a moment to qualify leads and guarantee that you are both aligned on your business objectives.

Compass tackles this particular part of the sales cycle with automated audits. Our automated PPC Audit Engine provides up to 30 performance-based recommendations along with step-by-step instructions on how to implement them.

Do you have a prospect eager to try it out? We’ve recently added a feature that allows guest audits to help cater to the dead generation and prospecting part of the process.

Proposal Delivery

As your potential client moves forward, the moment when you can make an offer will finally arrive.

Every stage prior has been more about research and preparation, but the proposal requires the sales team to be ready for anything. Clients should fully understand your products and services, grasp your business value over others, and form expectations for transforming their digital marketing strategy by this point.

Compass comes equipped with our Proposals Generator to make this step easier to complete. The custom proposal offers strategies and insights based on the clients’ specific needs.

Handling Objections

Objections can be intimidating, but a great sales representative knows that this is part of the process. Being questioned allows teams to address concerns upfront and avoid confusion later.

Our Academy Sales Courses train your sales team across platforms to prepare them for pre-closing concerns. These courses cover Google, Microsoft, and Facebook products, so sales teams can approach every new opportunity with confidence and updated information.

Closing the Deal

Unlike other tools, White Shark Media’s Compass allows you to manage all of your PPC solutions on one platform.Your team needs a sales enablement platform to effectively pitch, sell, and grow your portfolio. Give them the support they need with tools that are created, backed, and used by experts.

Got more questions? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to coordinate a meeting with a Strategic Account Manager who will walk your team through each tool and how they can transform your business.