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MarTech: What Your PPC Agency Needs to Know

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



“MarTech” is a combination of the words: “marketing” and “technology” and essentially refers to the digital tools that are leveraged to achieve specific digital marketing goals.

Alignment and balance between these two elements within a company are essential to developing more effective strategies.

What is MarTech?

As we field questions about MarTech, it’s best to address a common confusion between this buzzing term and AdTech. Here, our strategists provide a quick breakdown to clear up any confusion:


Tools designed to help marketers create, run, and manage digital content, e.g., email marketing, social media, PPC, SEO. MarTech provides customizable communication based on past behavior.


Technology designed to help advertisers and ad agencies create, run, measure, and manage online advertising campaigns across several websites or apps.

This post will focus on MarTech and its current role in the digital marketing space.

How Is the Demand for MarTech Increasing?

MarTech tools leverage data to better target users online. This development empowers marketing and IT teams with the ability to collect and analyze this data.

As expected, the quarantine conditions have greatly influenced the migration of consumers from in-store to online platforms. Consumers are increasingly roaming the web for information, promotions, and availability on the products and services they require.

Naturally, the importance of a digital strategy has increased, which has led to a higher demand for tools that help businesses acquire more in-depth information and develop more effective strategies.

MarTech Stat - MarTech What Your PPC Agency Needs to Know

Another research study in 2019 has revealed that 57 percent of the world’s population spends approximately 6.5 hours online every day.

Devoting this much time to various internet activities has a more significant impact on users. This means that users tend to have a massive influence on digital advertisements and online reviews, which in turn also affects their purchasing habits.

This is why marketers need MarTech, the marketing technology of today’s era.

What Does This Mean for PPC Agencies?

How Is Marketing Technology Changing the PPC Industry?

First things first, the current shifts in the market are open to any form of digital marketing.

That being said, the insights and details gathered through powerful marketing tech can make pay-per-click management much more effective.

These MarTech tools improve an agency’s ability to provide PPC services and create more purposeful, targeted campaigns, much more so than traditional media.

Finally, when you’re able to create such an effective ad campaign, it will result in better leads and fewer resources.

Show Me the MarTech Tools!

It’s a great time to be a digital marketing agency. The industry and the times are demanding your services and helping you provide the highest quality possible.

The following are some useful tools that can introduce you to a range of MarTech benefits:

White Shark Media’s Compass

White Shark Media's Compass

WSM’s Compass allows agencies to improve their sales enablement to pitch Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising pay per click management.

This PPC MarTech tool is designed to provide a comprehensive solution that includes: PPC software that automatically audits PPC accounts and generates proposals, online PPC sales courses, online consultations, marketing and sales collateral, and a partner portal.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics links to your Google account and allows marketers to measure ROI as well as track your performance across a range of important metrics.

Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Tool

Microsoft Advertising

Use this tool to build and expand your Microsoft Advertising keyword lists.

If you are interested in learning more about which marketing technology tools can add value to your strategy, check out our latest blog post reviewing the market’s MarTech tools.


As a PPC agency, White Shark Media is eager to prepare and equip digital agencies with the right tools for their clients. The MarTech tools available to our partners allow your business to reach its potential while fine-tuning its processes.

Are you interested in learning more about the tools and features available to your digital marketing agency? Let’s talk. Request a free consultation today.