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All the Tools Your Agency Needs to Sell and Fulfill PPC

Ana Aragon

3 years ago



Sales Enablement tools are a must for an agency selling and fulfilling PPC services. With PPC tools, you will move your business forward and save your agency time and resources.

White Shark Media’s Compass Sales Enablement Platform makes PPC services more profitable and reduces the costs of training, developing, and managing your services in-house.

Grow Your Business While Saving Time and Resources

White Shark Media’s Compass is a PPC Sales Enablement Platform that provides a complete set of tools that your agency needs to sell PPC. It equips Sales Teams with the content, guidance, and resources they need to effectively engage buyers. White Shark Media’s Compass includes unlimited access to:

Automated PPC Audits

AdInsights empowers your team with valuable insights across all of your Google and Microsoft accounts. You will receive up to 30 performance-based recommendations and step-by-step instructions on how to implement them. Additionally, as a partner, you’ll be able to brand our tool and add it to your website.

Sales Consultations

A 2-hour consultation with our team of Strategic Account Managers will guide you through pipeline reviews, proposal walkthroughs, pitch growth strategies, and more. You’re only a call away from all the resources you need to increase your closing rate.

Sales & PPC Courses

Train your sales team and scale your agency with these in-depth courses. Take a deep dive into Google Ads and Microsoft’s advertising platform while you keep your skills fresh and approach every new opportunity with confidence.

Proposals Engine

Our proposal engine makes it easy to close that deal. Your white-label proposals will include keyword recommendations, competitor data, ad previews, and more. As a result, you will present new opportunities to your clients and pitch them with a strong foundation of data and insightful information.

Collateral Library

While everyone is combing through outdated and unverified resources, you’ll have access to a library of vertical trends, playbooks, pitch decks, one-pagers, videos, and more. You will have what you need to pitch or upsell PPC and all Google and Microsoft products.

Partner Portal (PRM)

The Partner Portal aligns your agency and ours, making it easy to connect with experts at any time. PRM features such as performance graphs, proposals, support cases, reports, and more that can be used to track campaign progress, prepare for new opportunities, and close deals.

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