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How to Make Viral Videos for Your Business with These 5 Tips

Emily Aguilar

8 months ago

Video content has emerged as a powerful tool for marketing businesses, especially when reaching new audiences and keeping younger generations engaged. 

By this point, it's pretty clear that the whole "video content is king" thing is old news.

video content trends

According to a recent study conducted by Wizowl, 91% of businesses have adopted video as a marketing tool in 2023. If you're just getting started with video content creation and are eager to discover why video ads have become an essential component across digital advertising channels, check out our YouTube video:

How To Use Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

What Does It Take for a Video to Be Considered 'Viral'?

When we talk about how to make viral videos, it's essential to remember that no one-size-fits-all view count qualifies a video as viral. It's about how quickly and broadly the video gets shared and interacted with, especially when compared to the brand's regular performance and the platform it's on.

In simpler terms, a viral video is when it gets many more views and shares than what's typical for the account.

But here's the million-dollar question: How do you make viral videos, well, go viral? We’ve gathered some tips that have proven worth and that you should include in your video marketing strategy to viralize video content.

Read on!

Simplify It: Keep Things Short and Simple

We're sure you've heard this before, but our attention span has considerably reduced over the last couple of years; that is why if you don't want people skipping your video as soon as it gets on their social media feed, you have to make sure the first 3 seconds of your video is eye-catching. 

How to grab viewers' attention

  1. Use creative thumbnail covers to make people click on your video in the first place.
  2. Start your opening shot with a soundbite.
  3. Get to the point quickly.
  4. Use bold graphics and sound effects. 
  5. Add dynamic captions since most users watch videos on mute. 
short-form video content

Pro-tip: For best results, prioritize short video content creation for videos watched completely are more likely to be shared by users.

Ride the Trends: Embrace What’s Hot

Missing out on a trend is almost impossible, so why not use it to your advantage.

Use trending audios, editing styles, and most importantly, add your own twist to adapt trends to your industry.

Take a look at Duolingo's TikTok account as a great example! 

A big part of the massive success of Duolingo's TikTok presence is the ability to effortlessly hop on trends and blend in the latest trending audios into its content. 

@duolingo every time you open Google Translate, I lose a feather. #duolingo #swiftok #enchanted #languagelearning #trend #brandtok #comedy ♬ Enchanted Taylor Swift - Kaylen

Keep in mind: Not every trend will seamlessly fit your niche, and that's perfectly fine! You don't have to jump on every trend, but the right ones. 

Connect With Your Audience: Make It Something People Can Relate To

Viral videos are usually not the ones with the largest production hours behind them, but the ones with the human essence that evokes emotions in the user. 

If you create something people can relate to, it is likely to have a higher engagement rate since users love sharing content that makes them feel understood.

User-Generated Content: A Key to Genuine Connections

Talking about evoking emotions, a great way to connect with users is through user-generated content; in fact, a survey by Stackla reveals that consumers are 2.4 times more inclined to perceive user-generated content (UGC) as more genuine when compared to brand-created content. 

user-generated vs. brand-created content

Share on Social Media: Get the Word Out Through Your Social Channels

Now that your video is ready with all the essential components, it's time to promote it! 

How will people notice your content if it is off the platforms they engage in? To create a viral video, you must understand what your audience consumes and which media they spend most of their time on. 

Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are highly effective for quickly sharing video content. 

Pro-tip: Take a peek at your analytics to pinpoint where your audience will most likely engage with your video.

How Can You Make Sure Your Video Goes Viral?

The truth is, there isn't a guaranteed formula on how to make viral videos, but putting these tips into practice will surely lead you on the right path. 

As a business, your focus should be on video marketing objectives that matter; aside from views, getting noticed by the right audience is a start. Remember, you don't need to be seen by millions of people but by those most likely to buy your services or products.

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