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Our Top YouTube Channels For Easy Online Marketing Learning

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



As the dust from 2020 begins to settle and a new year starts to unfold, this is the perfect time to find a fresh perspective on our regular tasks. The best way to do this is to seek out information to uncover new strategies and methods for better results.

During our 2021 kick-off meeting with our strategists, we went around the room and asked everyone what online marketing YouTube channels they thought offered the most insightful and actionable information.

If you are ever overwhelmed by PPC or any other digital marketing subject, we recommend addressing each of your concerns as they come up. You can get your answers from marketing and PPC YouTubers as they explore the common obstacles that all sales teams, account managers, and strategists face.

Our Favorite PPC YouTube Channels

Below is a quick breakdown of our team’s favorite channels and what each offers a successful PPC Strategist or marketing professional.

Surfside PPC

  • Who provides content? Hanapin Marketing agency
  • What is the focus? Educating and sharing their expertise via PPC tutorials and content about digital marketing, online marketing, SEO, and PPC.
  • What topics are covered? PPC advertising, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing videos related to Google ads, Bing ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, LinkedIn ads, increasing website traffic, creating websites, social media advertising, and more.
  • What is this great for? Watch Surfside PPC discover strategies and recommendations that’ll save you money.

What is CPA Marketing? CPA Marketing Explained For Beginners

Google Ads

  • Who provides content? Google Ads
  • What is the focus? Defining and updating users on terms, features, and settings.
  • What topics are covered? Every topic relevant to Google Ads advertisers.
  • What is this great for? Learn how to maximize your advertising campaign.

Navigate your Google Ads account

Microsoft Advertising

  • Who provides content? Microsoft Advertising
  • What is the focus? Helping advertisers create smarter customer journeys and growing their brand on the MA platform.
  • What topics are covered? All topics relevant to MA advertisers.
  • What is this great for? Microsoft’s “The Download” playlist is a great way to stay up to date with the latest news in both PPC and digital marketing. The playlist announces and explains information in a digestible and quick format.

The Download Full Episode 4 | 2020 Hindsights

Neil Patel

  • Who provides content? Neil Patel
  • What is the focus? Sharing one new marketing tactic each day.
  • What topics are covered? “Your source for all things marketing.”
  • What is this great for? Get complete coverage. Neil covers everything under the marketing sun.

The RIGHT Way to Drive More Online Sales By Discounting Your Products


  • Who provides content? Ahrefs
  • What is the focus? Sharing SEO tutorials, practical tips, techniques, and tactics.
  • What topics are covered? SEO, tools, and resources to increase organic search traffic and rank on Google.
  • What is this great for? Those hoping to master SEO and leverage it on their websites.

SEO For Beginners: A Basic Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for Higher Google Rankings

GaryVee TV

  • Who provides content? Gary Vaynerchuk
  • What is the focus? This channel addresses marketing questions, challenges, and concerns while emphasizing the mindset required to combat them.
  • What topics are covered? Creating content, increasing followers, mindset, personal development for professionals, emerging trends, and consumer behavior.
  • What is this great for? Enrich your personal development and elevate your mindset as a marketing professional and individual.

HOW TO START | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original

White Shark Media

  • Who provides content? White Shark Media
  • What is the focus? Understanding PPC advertising, tools, and troubleshooting.
  • What topics are covered? Selling PPC, PPC agency blueprint, PPC strategies, PPC tools, account management, Google and Microsoft platforms, new features, tips, and tactics.
  • What is this great for? Walks readers through digital marketing efforts with a specialized focus on PPC. The blog addresses PPC topics such as common obstacles, search engine platforms, selling services, and tools at their disposal.

How to Sell PPC - Close Your PPC Deals More Efficiently and Effectively


The most effective way to tackle challenges this year will be through new strategies and methods that align with customer behavior. These digital marketing Youtube channels will turn your year around and elevate your understanding of the digital marketing realm.

Check out each of the channels we’ve mentioned and discover new digital trends and marketing strategies. Each one has something to help your team master PPC, grow your business, and strengthen your understanding of marketing trends.

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