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5 Reasons To Why Your Company Shouldn’t Base Your Website Off A Cheap Website Builder

White Shark Media

11 years ago



I have had the joy of working with a lot of clients. Therefore I can tell you the hassle it is to work with clients who have built their website’s company using website builders.

What I normally do as a Webmaster is to use the appropriate template for the appropriate client, which means having the vision about how the complete product will look like before even starting with it.

A Website Builder is a platform you can use to develop your own site. There is a big difference between starting your site from scratch with WordPress, and using a Website Builder for your company’s webpage.

I would never recommend my clients to use a Website Builder to build their company’s webpage. There are a lot of reasons not to use them, but in this article I will mention the Top 5.

1.   Scalability

For me, this is the most important reason not to use a Website Builder. If you are planning to expand your company in the Future, you should think about these things when starting your Website.

As Website Builders work with their own platform, you won’t be able to migrate your Website to another one or to another domain or even hosting without losing everything. You have to take this into account if you want to have an online presence.

2.   Easy to Use vs. Endless Possibilities

There is no doubt that when building your website you want to have the right tools to easily manage it. It is true that a Website Builder provides you with the most common building tools, but they are limited.

The Platform in which you are working is limiting your creative capability and the possibility to improve your website with other kind of tools, such as JavaScript, or the option to have multiple headers and footers, etc.

3.   Performance

Another interesting thing is the website performance. This is a really important reason you should consider before starting your website. Some website builders might provide the client with some performances tools which can be very helpful but comparing it with what you can do by using a more robust platform it’s really not worthy.

4.   Optimization

There are a few website builders that do not include tools for website optimization. Is there a way to change some of the apps settings to customize it your way? No, there is no way!

That is another big disadvantage about website builders. You know that as soon as you have built your website you will have the need to optimize it in order not to lose potential sales. If that need is not met, do you really want to be in that position or would you prefer an open platform with open possibilities?

5.   Flexibility

If you require extra functionality or a custom setup you won’t have the option to modify the previously coded template or apps used in your website. Some website builders give you the option to contact customer service in order to implement the changes you want (if you are lucky they won’t charge you a fortune).

As you may have guessed by now, website builders are not known for being flexible which is unfortunate if your company is constantly growing and wants a custom site.

Finally, it is true that learning how to build your website from scratch in WordPress will require some of your time, but in the long run it will all be worth it.

You will have your brand new customized site made in an open platform. This will provide you with the edge the online user is looking for. Ultimately, you will have greater control over your website’s design as well as the possibility in the future to make all the necessary changes for the benefit of the company.

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