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The Greatest Landing Page Design Checklist: Essential Tips for Conversion Success

Antonella Saravia

4 weeks ago

A company website provides an overview of your business. This means many different sections and calls to action catering to different needs and audiences. As users move from page to page, the call to action will be relevant to the area they are interested in. 

Landing pages serve as specialized resources to motivate users to take one specific action regarding one particular product or service. This simplified structure achieves three critical objectives: 

Eliminates Distractions

Suppose a beauty brand comes to you, and among its objectives, it wants to promote a new product. If you create an ad for that new product that directs users to the general business page, most visitors might get annoyed looking for the product they clicked for. 

But if your ad opens to a landing page and continues the conversation about the new product's features and benefits, the visitors will have all they need to decide on it. 

Highlights One Call-to-Action

The landing page is a carefully planned path with one conversion in mind. The structured content answers basic questions along the way so the user feels more comfortable taking that one action, whether downloading a digital file, subscribing or purchasing.

Builds Rapport

It’s a focused conversation where you address a doubt, boost credibility with testimonials, and extend your brand to new audiences.

For example, if you click on an ad and get clarity and a good user experience, you’ll most likely trust a brand more. 

Moreover, if a user hasn’t heard of your brand, this is an excellent opportunity to make a great first impression.

Essential Elements of a High-Converting Landing Page

A user has clicked an ad or link to arrive on your landing page. This action alone has filtered out people who are not interested. These visitors are in the buyer’s funnel and close to conversion. Congrats! From here, you want to ensure their journey is easy, simple, and direct. 

To create a successful landing page, you must curate featured content for your audience and intent. Below are some of the elements to consider when planning the landing page's structure.

Visual Design Considerations for Maximum Impact

Every image included should support your message and be relevant to the promoted product or service. Consider the following factors:

  • Images should be easy to understand
  • Example: An app can feature a screenshot of the phone interface, giving the user an idea of how it works.

    Example of landing page for mobile apps
  • Pictures that help illustrate the benefits
  • Example: A delivery service company can feature images of the process.

    Landing page for delivery service
  • Photographs with movement 
  • Example: A workout studio can feature mid-session snapshots, allowing them to watch it unfold.

    Yoga Studio LAnding page example
  • Select vibrant images 
  • Example: A smoothie spot can use pictures of fresh produce or happy customers to display a good experience.

    Examples of landing page best practices

Now that you know best practices, also keep an eye out for some common mistakes that might compromise the credibility of your page:

  • Overused stock images
  • Pictures that don’t add context 
  • Images that are too large or too small
  • Photographs that don’t have great resolution
  • Be wary of filters, especially with food

Crafting Compelling Headlines 

Your user arrived at the page with an idea. Your headline should align with it immediately and simply. You can leverage a subheadline to complete the concept.

A clear headline will help visitors decide if a brand is right for them. Misleading headlines will create frustration, even if they are witty.

Relevant and Engaging Content

You want to highlight your value proposition. Make it clear and use different angles to support this idea. 

Since the users clicked through a digital promotion to arrive at your landing page, you have a good idea of what your audience is interested in and why your business is their best provider. 

Support your value proposition by adding the following content:

  • Clear description of products and services
  • Social proof which is any testimonial or review from clients
  • Proactively include responses to FAQs within your text to help minimize doubts
  • Endorsements or logos of previous clients

Guide readers from one point to the next with organic transitions.

Responsive Design

Thoughtful navigation can help the user who has arrived take action. Again, remember that they’ve arrived at the page by link or ad. They are looking for specific information. Make it easy for them.

The longer it takes them to answer their questions, the more discouraged they will feel about taking action. 


All content roads lead to one conversion. Our main advice here is to make it clear throughout your page and at the bottom what it is that you want the user to do. Below are some examples of common CTAs for landing pages:

  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • Register for a free trial
  • Download a free e-book
  • Encourage visitors to reach out for a consultation
  • Add to cart

Three Common Landing Page Pitfalls to Avoid

Now that we’ve discussed what it takes to create a high-impact landing page, let’s dive into common mistakes that may seem harmless but can hold back your efforts. 

Generalized pages:

As mentioned at the top, your website is meant for generalized information. It will be an overview of what you do, how you do it, and your ideal customer.

Landing pages are focused, simple, and straightforward. Keep it aligned with the ad or link that you clicked on. 

Usability Issues:

Whether there are unclear messages, slow loading times, or buttons linked to the wrong page, these issues may seem small but can easily lead to a bounced user. 

No clear goals:

Remember, landing pages are designed with one action in mind. If a user has no idea what you want them to do, they will most likely bail.

If you’ve read this far, you should feel more comfortable with landing pages and their importance. For a business, they are an additional resource for users interested in your product or service. 

There is much to consider, but relying on an expert or guidance can make a more significant impact. 

Are you eager to get started? We’re keen to help. Contact our creative team to design a comprehensive landing page and begin seeing results.