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A Quick Guide to Add PPC Services to Any Marketing Portfolio

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



​The importance of PPC services has grown in the last few years, but the changes brought on by 2020 accelerated growth exponentially in just a few months. Amid COVID-19, we (all businesses and industries) face entirely new online behavior and engagement data.

Pay-per-click advertising once considered “added value,” is now a marketing necessity. Every agency needs to leverage PPC ads because they are more trackable, complement your other marketing efforts, and provide detailed and actionable data on your marketing efforts.

In short, agencies can no longer afford to miss out on pay-per-click advertising. It is the bee’s knees of marketing, and it’s continually evolving nature is exciting to watch.

As end-advertisers begin to navigate PPC campaigns on their own, they quickly spot the industry’s complexities, the expertise required to manage it successfully, and the costliness of the tools used to gather data.

This is why hiring a marketing agency makes a difference. Their know-how and constant training provide sound strategies that turn campaigns around.  

The Elements of PPC

When you begin pitching PPC services, there are client-facing items that you will need to prepare. These will also be necessary throughout the campaign or upon request. These materials will help clients understand your offerings while also allowing your team to set expectations and cover performance.

PPC Blueprint - White Shark Media


 Audits help gather data on key metrics for Google and Microsoft ad campaigns. Like most’ report cards,’ audits let you know how you are doing and flag areas that need to be adjusted, such as:

  • Keywords and ad relevance
  • Quality score
  • CTR
  • CPA
  • CPC
  • Language settings
  • Ad schedules
  • Impression share
  • Keywords’ match types
  • Ad extensions
  • Ad rotation settings

Market Research & PPC Proposals

Well-written proposals are key to closing deals and upselling products and services. Understanding your client’s current efforts, frustrations, competitors, and knowing how to identify growth opportunities will put them at ease quickly. 

The complexities of PPC and the constant evolution of the digital marketplace make PPC a little different from other advertising vehicles, so knowing what information to include, understanding the recommendations, and aligning with their goals will go a long way.

Watch our video on research elements that will help fortify your PPC proposals!

6 Essential Tips to Create a Client Proposal That Converts

PPC Management

PPC services require a team of seasoned strategists who specialize in providing pay-per-click across multiple verticals while leveraging data tools. Technical skills and structured processes come together to form effective campaigns and high-quality work. 

Pay-per-click management includes campaign building, optimization & testing, reporting, and identifying expansion opportunities. Each element come in with its own set of steps:

Campaign Building

  • KPI set up
  • Campaign structure
  • Feed clean up
  • Tech onboarding

Optimization & Testing

  • Search query analysis
  • Negative keywords
  • Ad copy A/B testing
  • Landing page A/B testing
  • Device performance
  • Bid & feed optimization


A winning monthly report will address KPIs, wasted spend, best-performing campaigns, recommendations on poorly performing campaigns, ad optimizations, breakdown of channel statistics, insights on testing, and more. To push the conversation forward, add the following points:

  • New channels
  • Budget recommendations
  • Testing new campaigns
  • Revisit complete strategy

White Label PPC

White Label PPC: The secret ingredient to increasing client ROAS by +2527%

When companies outsource their PPC management to expert agencies to handle that element of the marketing campaign and then sell those services under their brand, it is called white label services. This allows everyone to focus on their strengths to grow their businesses. 

White label PPC companies like White Shark Media make it easy for your agency to add PPC to your service portfolio. 

Providing effective pay-per-click advertising requires seasoned experts, constant training, set processes, and costly tools. All of which are available with the right white label partnerships. 

All-In-One PPC Tools 

Pay-per-click depends on a number of moving parts. This is why our team has centralized the elements of PPC on one platform to help your agency grow, minimize costs, and create stellar client experiences. 

Our partners have unlimited access to:

Rest assured, all of the elements we’ve discussed are covered! 


As mentioned earlier, the importance of PPC services has grown exponentially in just a few months. The data provided by PPC tools and machine learning will aid businesses in figuring out how to match new online behavior and engagement data. 

Many agencies leverage white label PPC management and tools to achieve this. Learn how to start your marketing agency by adding PPC to your portfolio. 

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