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Microsoft Says, “Partner With a PPC Agency Today!”

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



In a recent study, Microsoft found that “Top-Performing Marketers” are leveraging agencies 2x as much as those marketers who are building their own capabilities. The study defined this group of “Top Performers” as leading advertisers who have demonstrated a clear understanding of the buyer journey and have improved performance based on that understanding. 

Also, the study highlighted the use of agencies among top-performing marketers. Below, we’ve gone a little deeper into the advantages of outsourcing services that will help your agency grow in a way that’s enjoyable and stress-free.

The Advantages of Hiring a PPC Agency 

As industries evolve, the businesses within it must keep up. In the ever-evolving world of paid search advertising, it’s a PPC agency’s responsibility to stay on its feet. Therefore, it is part of their job to stay informed and share it with their teams. Experts are required to do their homework, attend conferences, and consume everything from trade publications to webinars. We’ve established that data is important, but let’s face it, it’s time-consuming. 

In other words, this is what being an expert is all about and it’s precisely why they are hired. It’s comforting to know that someone’s got the bases covered. Having experts in your team is the only way to meet the objectives that you’ve set in place while you run your business.

“Through a combination of in-depth interviews followed by an online survey, Microsoft Advertising uncovered insights from marketing leaders who are excelling at their customer understanding and application of data and AI to improve marketing performance.”

Are you eager to find out what we mean?  Here is a testimonial from one of our Partners!

Paid Search Advertising Data

There’s a heap of content out there waiting to be digested and put to good use. Here’s a break out of how each work:

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence handles tasks such as decision making, speech recognition and visual perception. Also, it allows marketers to focus more time on delighting customers through engaging, just-in-time messages and valuable touchpoints. 

Machine Learning:

Machine Learning is the AI brain that makes predictions and determinations. Consequently, it allows marketers to anticipate customer intent to optimize media, personalize experiences and boost marketing impact.

You can imagine how useful this data can be when creating your campaigns! But, how can you translate these patterns into campaign settings and features? 

“With that in mind, these CMOs are grappling with the best approach for turning their consumer data into a better customer experience -whether that means developing in-house capabilities or leveraging their agency partners.”

White Label PPC agencies can help you make the connection from consumer data to their online experience with your client’s brand. Below is an outtake from our web series #UnderTheSurface where one of our PPC experts explains how he was able to leverage AI to improve the results of a Google Ads Search Campaign.

Why Should You Hire an Agency?

As an agency, you know that you can provide your clients with a world of resources that would otherwise be costly to them. However, it’s your business to be involved much like it is ours to be involved in every corner of paid search advertising. Partnering with a PPC agency means you get access to endless resources served on a silver platter without any work. Your team won’t have to master any of the tools. Meaning that, a basic understanding of their features will be enough for you to request the data that can help review performance and aim for the next goal.

Below is a short clip of a recent visit to our Managua headquarters from our Microsoft Partners. For their annual visit, they are providing training to our teams regarding trends and strategies and also planning 2020 projects. 


Each of the points mentioned above strengthens the case for agencies as they make acquiring data easier and cost-effective and also help transform that information into actionable strategies. 

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