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3 Benefits of White Label PPC

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



So, what are White Label PPC services? 

First, a white-label service is when one company creates a product or service for another company and lets them rebrand it to look like it is their own.

White Label PPC agency provides marketing agencies with PPC services (from start to finish) and lets them brand these services as their own to clients.

White labels are incredibly beneficial to companies when a service or industry is ever-evolving and complex. Though some companies would like to provide a service, they are too busy focusing on their day to day duties and can’t keep up, so they turn to experts. 

PPC experts like White Shark Media are ideal for anyone looking to add PPC services to their client’s digital marketing.

Outsourcing this service allows agencies to focus on managing their client accounts while guaranteeing that their clients would be receiving expert service. Done well, PPC has an incredibly positive impact on businesses and awareness–promoting growth and positive ROI.

If you’ve been thinking about white label services, read on to learn more about how it can impact your client portfolios this year.


Our 10+ years of experience in PPC makes us well aware of what it takes to create, manage, and optimize campaigns while staying updated with industry trends.

Our position in the industry benefits our partners as we have access to tools that would otherwise be costly and overwhelming to learn. The tools we use are either recommended or created by our team. These tools are essential to managing campaigns as they help strategists: 

To learn more about how you can benefit from White Shark Media tools and resources, visit our website today!


While everyone else doesn’t have time for “that,” you will when you outsource your PPC services. You will have time to focus on acquiring clients and running your business while a PPC agency does its job.

Our partner portal and tools such as AdInsights and Optimizer add a great deal of value to our partner relationships. They create shortcuts to communications so you can flag your concerns at the moment. 

Endless Support

PPC is pretty complicated. We hate to be the ones to say it, but hiring an expert in-house still falls short of having a PPC agency behind you. The reason for this is that agencies like White Shark Media offer training sessions, industry event participation, and other strategists to bounce ideas off.

Your company may not be ready to grow, but PPC agencies should be built to scale. If business booms, growth should be a good thing, not a burden. Partnering with White Shark Media allows your business the capacity and resources to take on as many clients as you can find. In contrast, another PPC account can be too much for an Account Manager’s workload. Our strategists, bilingual and eager, are ready for you. 


PPC should be tackled by PPC experts solely based on the fact that it’s a hand full. You will see a difference in your campaigns when it is the sole focus of the strategist managing it.

If you are interested in learning more about what White Shark Media has to offer your agency, reach out to one of our strategists for a free consultation on our white label services today.

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