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A 15-Minute Solution To Your 72-Hour PPC Proposal Problem

White Shark Media

3 years ago



If you’ve started reading this, we assume that efficiency matters to you, so we’ll get to it–a PPC proposal is one of the most defining, albeit most tedious, steps to making a sale.

A well-written proposal can close a deal, and a stellar proposal can up-sell products.

Proposals can vary depending on the client’s industry and needs. However, all clients listen carefully to see if their goals, challenges, competitors, and preferences have been considered.

A proposal is where the “customer experience” journey begins.

Given such importance and potential, one would assume agencies would invest a great deal of time and resources in writing them, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

A standard PPC proposal can take up to 72 hours to put together as sales teams tackle the heap of information sent over by their prospective client. It’s a big assignment that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

We understand how this happens and, over the years, we have developed our blueprint and sales enablement tools to reduce the time spent on these pitches without compromising their quality.

The Anatomy of a PPC Proposal

6 Essential Tips to Create a Client Proposal That Converts


The ability to determine matching and relevant keywords will demonstrate expertise, creativity, and effort. Keyword performance will vary across industries, so knowledge of a particular field will be reflected in this section and put clients at ease.

Search Volume

The keywords’ search volume will vary depending on location. If you’ve determined that specific keywords aren’t as effective as you expected, this is an opportunity for you to be proactive and provide alternative solutions. Similarly, you should include keyword expansion options within your PPC proposal.

Competitive Landscape

Every business needs to know what is going on with competitors. Determining where they stand can help you narrow down your position.

The research that goes into this is essential and will be useful as you put together your prospective client’s strategies.

Whether your client’s notion of their standing is vague or strong, this is where you can impress them. They may know many of the points that you will cover in this section, but the smallest new insights can give PPC prospects a clear picture of where they are, want to be, and how they can get there.

Proposed Strategy

The points covered above will shape your strategy. Your PPC proposal should provide detailed information to list out the ‘how’ of the campaign. This will be helpful for clients who are eager to meet their goals. An informed client is a confident client, after all!

Budget Recommendations

After all that is done, you’ll get to the part that your client is waiting for. Though their preferences should have already been made clear, break down how budgets will increase over time. Seasonal clients will want to see how this looks on the calendar, so take the time to draw the big picture.

Lead Projection

Complement your budget recommendations with these numbers. It helps to tell a good story when you explain what your PPC prospects will get for their investment. Though they are just estimates, it should give the client a good idea of how working with you will directly impact their business’s growth.

Enhance Your PPC Proposal Process with a 15-Minute Solution

White Shark Media's PPC Proposal

As we said in the beginning, proposals are essential, but no one ever claimed that they would be easy. We can, however, streamline and speed up the entire process.

Our PPC Proposal Engine makes it easier to close deals by allowing your agency to use white label PPC services customized for every prospective client. You can include keyword recommendations, numbers, competitor analysis, and more in just a few minutes.

Our PPC proposal tool is designed for your agency. Strengthen your pitches while you shorten the process.


Whether you use the structure we’ve provided or learn more about our Proposal Engine, the most important takeaway from this post is that PPC proposals are critical to your sales success.

You can generate them automatically or download our proposal template and take one of the most defining steps to make a sale. Remember, a well-written proposal can close a deal, and a stellar proposal can up-sell products.

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