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A Customer Satisfaction Checklist To Supercharge Your Digital Marketing Agency

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



Do you remember how things used to work before the internet? When John experienced your product or service, his comments about your brand created a buzz within his inner circle.

Nowadays, John’s comments can still create a buzz, but various elements have changed. He most likely has a solid understanding of the market and the standard that your product should meet. Given all the information there is online, he has an expectation.

Over the years, access to so much information and other products has raised the bar on expectations and made it harder to achieve customer satisfaction.

As a consequence, social media has given a voice to consumers. This space has given ground to what consumers think, experience, and expect. The content shared by the brand is as valuable as the posts, shares, or tweets generated by customers.

The Key for Your Business to Thrive is Having Satisfied Customers

Customer Satisfaction Statistics

Studies show that new customers cost five times more than keeping the ones you have. The thing to note is that 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with excellent service companies. These insights prove that keeping or increasing customer satisfaction is essential to your marketing strategy.

Many white label marketing strategies make it easier for you to reach them, such as targeted marketing tactics, pay per click management, and unique marketing technology tools. Still, if you cannot deliver, they will not stick around. 

Customer satisfaction statistic

Excellent customer service leads to repeat sales and loyal customers. More than that, it goes back to the grandfather of all marketing strategies–word of mouth recommendations. This classic method will save the costs that come with acquiring new customers.

How To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Naturally, having satisfied customers is an essential contributor to a successful business. Brand perception will have a lot to do with the overall consensus of your products and experiences. This digitized culture allows brand loyalty to go viral and thrive on its own.

Because there is so much information out there, customers these days aren’t your average customers. Many are well aware of what differences your products have from that of your competitors. They are savvy and eager to acquire products that add value to their lives.

Increase Anticipation

At White Shark Media, we have found that increasing anticipation has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. It’s neat that you can track and know precisely where an Amazon order is after you have purchased it. This element creates excitement and expectation for customers.

Similarly, we use this same component in our White Label Partner Program through our in-house-built Partner Portal. To recreate that same tracking sensation, we leverage marketing technology for customers to request assistance and stay informed on their requests’ status.

White Shark Media Partner Portal

As consumers, we don’t realize it, but we demand transparency and efficiency. This expectation makes anticipation an active contributor to increasing customer satisfaction. Leveraging CRM tools in communication can help you improve communication, response time, and happiness.

These features can guide you in providing the highest quality services and keeping you on your a-game. For example, if you tell your client that you will respond to communication on Tuesday at 9:00 AM. The CRM will help you manage that.

Provide Support to Your Customers

Pure and simple, a client values assistance. Don’t just answer questions when customers reach out to you; take the opportunity head-on as an active advisor.

Owning up to the opportunity to act as an expert in your field will open the door to constant conversation. Let your customer know you have their best interest at heart by providing all the references you can on the topic at hand.

Forget about selling your products, make genuine recommendations, and go the extra mile to explain how particular tools can help them achieve their goals. The helpful features will sell themselves.

When you can help your clients find the best strategies and grow their business, it goes a long way. This help isn’t limited to PPC efforts. Follow up with blogs, videos, or downloadable content to address challenges within their operations, accounting, or any other business area that you’ve discussed with them. This added value will strengthen customer satisfaction as well as your relationship.

Get to Know Your Customers and Develop a Connection

Build rapport with clients by understanding them and their business. Quality one-on-one exchanges include small-talk and everyday occurrences like birthdays, families, and other personal achievements. Befriending clients is a great way to improve your customer service as you’ll be in tune with the person’s particularities.

For business, you can take advantage of some of our go-to questions to get some great conversations started:

Quesitons to get the conversation started with your clients

This information will indicate opportunities to go the extra mile and clarify your client’s needs for their long-term and short-term plans. In this blog, you can access an extended version of this questionnaire as well as some tips to prepare yourself for a welcome call with your PPC clients.

Evaluate Your Customer’s Experience

There is no way to know where to improve if you don’t measure customer satisfaction. Listen to your clients, what they enjoy about your digital marketing agency, and which sections need adjustments.

Request your clients to leave reviews or fill out short questionnaires that you provide. Include open-ended questions, so your clients are free to express and explain their likes and dislikes openly.

At White Shark Media, we recommend Delighted to measure customer satisfaction. You can also use SurveyMonkey, Get Feedback, Nice Reply, Hubspot Service Hub, or UserTesting for these quick surveys.

Show Appreciation for Your Customer’s Business

Always thank your customers for their time and business. If something does not go as expected, make up for it. Apologize and offer alternatives to the trouble they experienced. Though mistakes happen, words and actions can mend a negative experience.

You can also show appreciation for your customers through simple, yet meaningful actions such as sending a gift, offering a free service during a challenging time, or supporting their interests, work, and business.

Stay in Touch With Your Customers

Whether your client is actively buying or not, don’t be a stranger. Stay in touch and continue being helpful in the meantime.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, some clients paused their campaigns. Staying top of mind is essential when these things happen.

Ensure your digital marketing agency sends them emails with valuable information such as blogs, tutorials, or recommendations about the markets. These will help clients feel less lost and direct their business to take advantage of opportunities to make a difference.


As mentioned before, retaining customers is one of the most effective ways to increase your PPC agency transactions, save money, and stay relevant within the community.

Besides making sure your core product is on point, you will want to focus on “minor” details that contribute to the big picture. It is the small actions that make up your customers’ satisfaction. The little things are not so little to them!

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