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An Inside Look at Our White Label Audit & Proposal Services

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



We provide clients with sales collateral, tools and resources to help scale and grow their portfolio. As part of our white label solution, we have developed proposals to assist clients through the sales process. Each proposal comes with our partner’s branding and style preferences. Our White Label Audit & Proposal services are loved by our agency partners–and their sales reps! They serve as an accelerator increasing deal closing by 2 to 3x.

Proposals are one of the most critical elements in a sale. On average, creating these custom documents takes up to several hours. Each opportunity is different so each proposal will require its own objective and narrative. With a 48 to 72 hour turnaround, using our White Label Proposal service will allow you to focus your efforts on the sale while your custom proposal is being written.

If a prospective client’s needs are appropriately addressed, it won’t only close the deal but could make for a larger sale. Below are some of the proposals formats that we have available to clients:

6 Essential Tips to Create a Client Proposal That Converts

Types of Proposals

Quick Quotes

This comes in a deck format and provides search volume data based on the client’s desired location targeting and services/products. This also includes budget and strategy recommendations based on our expertise in your industry.



Comprehensive Proposals

This is an in-depth analysis (approximately 20 to 40 pages) of the client’s industry. It includes competitors research and a proposed marketing strategy tailored to each prospect’s needs.


Account Audits

Audits are useful to those already doing PPC. This is an assessment of the client’s PPC campaigns. Our team reviews historical account data within your industry to create an educated outlook. It highlights areas of opportunities and a takeover strategy to revamp and expand existing PPC efforts. This is complemented with competitor research available through Google Ad and Bing accounts. If possible, we provide Google Analytics insights to help clients understand behavior across channels and create a holistic digital marketing strategy.

Account Growth Recommendations

This is a monthly report designed to identify opportunities for campaign expansion within categories. Our partners have access to white pitch decks that highlight account growth recommendations in any of the following areas:

  1. Lost Impression Share (Rank/Budget)
  2. Bing Ads Campaign Expansion
  3. Google Local Service Ads
  4. Waze Ads
  5. YouTube Ads
  6. U.S Hispanic (Spanish) Campaigns
  7. Remarketing (Dynamic, RLSA, etc.)

Experience & Tools

We have a team of strategic marketing analysts who research to identify vertical trends, propose new features, and design a marketing strategy tailored to your business.

We leverage our Partner Programs with Google and Microsoft by using their tools to include unique information regarding keyword research, budget estimation, and industry insights.

Proposals’ Structure:

We’ve done our research to create proposals that are complete and valuable. This way each client believes that you understand their needs. Our proposals include each of the determining factors below:

  • Industry trends
  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Competitors Research
  • Budget Recommendations

If you are interested in a white-labeled proposal, contact us at [email protected]. One of our Strategic Partner Managers will contact within 1 to 2 business days.