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Multiply Your Results With A White Label PPC Agency

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



Anyone looking to improve their business is seeking a digital agency. A PPC agency often partners with third parties to provide high-quality expert services to their client base.

White label marketing services are common practices that allow businesses to outsource a complex service while they focus on excelling in their business. If you don’t know anything about PPC, you can hire someone who does.

What Is a White Label PPC Agency?

White label digital marketing agencies provide services for another agency and allow them to credit it under their own brand name. A White Label PPC Agency such as White Shark Media partners with SEO, digital, and traditional marketing agencies who want to add PPC to their portfolio. We supply and manage PPC marketing services and products to each of these businesses. This partnership allows each to add PPC services and products to its business portfolio as their own and complement their product packages.

Why Do Agencies Outsource PPC?

Outsourcing is a common practice for specialized services. PPC is the kind of service that requires expert management as the digital world is continually evolving. The dedication and tools that are necessary to manage PPC successfully are costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing PPC works for many agencies because of three main benefits:

  • Cost. Add PPC management services to their portfolio without investing in training, new equipment, and tools.
  • Speed. Improve turnaround time as they consult the agency’s expertise and experience.
  • Custom Materials. Request customized presentations and receive recommendations on optimizations. 

In short, hiring a white label pay-per-click advertising company improves cost efficiency and the quality of the service. Account representatives won’t have to “wing it” with PPC anymore. They’ll have a team of experts that they can consult. 

Outsourcing PPC allows expert agencies to do what they do best while their clients focus on growing their business.

Benefits of Hiring a White Label PPC Agency

At White Shark Media, our partners are supported by a team of 100+ fully-bilingual employees. This means that our account strategists can manage campaigns for the Hispanic audience and English-speaking audiences. This is important as Hispanics represent a hefty 19.6% of the American market. 

Our team provides PPC services to agencies and end advertisers backed by over 10+ years of experience managing Google and Microsoft Platforms.


Equipped with a PPC blueprint, our employees have ongoing training that ensures best practices and a focus on the client’s objectives.

We understand that anyone can offer PPC, but few people know how to provide results that impact a business. Our years in the industry helped form a methodology that we share with our partners. This includes:

White Shark Media's PPC Methodology

How a Partner Increased ROAS by 1108% by Outsourcing PPC

Our client, The Furniture Marketing Group, is a buying group made up of independent retail furniture dealers throughout North America. They were looking for a partner who could offer paid advertising services to their members. 

When we took over FMG’s account, we immediately aimed to:

  • Drive as much relevant traffic at the lowest CPC 
  • Generating revenue 
  • Include revenue and call tracking to keep a close eye to performance

How did they do, you ask? A quick review of what FMG teams saw:

  • End-advertiser #1: Segmenting and revising which campaigns to run increased ROAS by 1,108.28%
  • End-advertiser #2: Adding automated bidding and search campaigns increase ROAS by 2527.78%
  • End-advertiser #3: A mix of video campaigns, automated bidding, and segmented audiences helped conversion rate by 43.52%

Aside from the apparent impact above, FMG benefited from white label proposals, audits, sales enablement tools, resources, and pitch support from our experts. 

Each member of the team received unique solutions to the issues that they needed. 

FMG is still on board with White Shark Media, and our team continues to work hard to set new goals ahead. 

PPC Tools Provided by Our White Label Agency 

Our Partner Portal runs on our internal CRM to achieve maximum synergy between your agency and ours. This tool allows partners to track progress, reference relevant resources for new opportunities, access monthly reports, and request assistance during the sales process. 

This service provides direct help from our experts. If you need us, we’re there! In it, you will also access WSM’s compass, our tool-kit that provides everything you need to pitch, sell, and fulfill PPC.

Multiply Your Results With A White Label PPC Agency: White Shark Media's Compass - PPC Tools


As we mentioned, white label services provide a great deal of value to their clients. Dedicated experts allow agencies to add multiple PPC services without concern or cost. 

If you don’t know anything about PPC, don’t fret, you can hire experts who do. Eager to speak to someone about adding services to your portfolio? We’d be happy to discuss it! Reach out to [email protected] or book a meeting with one of our strategic account managers.