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White Shark Media Inaugurated a New Office in Managua

Ana Aragon

5 years ago



This past Friday, December 14th, we inaugurated our brand new facilities located in the Eco Building, in the city of Managua, Nicaragua. Our new floor has 1,000 square meters of beautiful office space, plus an exclusive rooftop on the 7th floor of the building with a chillout area.

It has been a long process to finally be in these offices. From looking for the right partner to carry out this project to designing each office space to be unique. This is a platform for our Sharks to reach higher than ever, let creativity roam, and from where we can change and design the future of our Industry.

We are proud to have celebrated this achievement with the press, staff, partners, and friends. It was a night to remember the exciting things that White Shark Media has done over the years.

The company was founded seven years ago by Danish investors, and since then have had a great impact in Nicaragua and the United States. We are currently giving employment opportunity to more than 100 employees.

This year, we close with such great achievements as being named for the fourth consecutive year as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, signing a partnership with Waze (the best-known GPS navigation software application), and opening our offices in the Eco Building.

One of the most ambitious projects for this next 2019 is the implementation of an online university, where Digital Marketing courses will be offered.

The journey of the company is just getting started and the future is full of opportunity for White Shark Media.

Check out the video below for a recap of an awesome night:


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