Google AdWords Certified Partner

The Importance of Getting Certified

If you are a professional involved with an AdWords agency, or in any type of search engine marketing, there are three major advantages in getting certified:

  • Improving your knowledge of AdWords tools and their practical application
  • Acquiring a globally recognized stamp of approval certifying basic AdWords knowledge
  • Applying expert knowledge through advanced exams covering search, display, reporting, and analysis.

The Google AdWords Certification Program consists of two exams: The Advertising Fundamentals exam and one advanced-level exam.

Structure of the Exams

These exams have a multiple choice format, with over 100 questions per exam. The exams cover all basic information and some advanced information involved in getting started with the AdWords program, what it consists of, and the basic tools used to create and manage campaigns.

It is important for Google that individuals become certified, so that companies who seek search engine marketing services can be confident of their choice, thus providing more credibility to these services.

Furthermore, Google wants to ensure that their AdWords usage policies are honored, which increases the quality factor of the individuals who manage AdWords accounts.

Mandatory Google AdWords Certifications at White Shark Media

Here at White Shark Media we take our services very seriously, which is why it’s crucial for us that our AdWords staff to be thoroughly certified. This will enable our campaign consultants to better create, manage, and optimize an account for you.

We believe quality to be essential in our line of work, just as your business’s ROI is essential to you, and there is no better way to assure the quality and efficiency you seek than working with Google AdWords Certified staff.

Check Our AdWords Certified Partner Status

Google AdWords Certified Partner Badge

It’s important that you can always check the status of every single partner within Google’s network.

According to the Google AdWords Certified Partner guidelines we provide you with a direct link to our Certified Partner Profile Page with Google AdWords.

Click on the AdWords Certified Partner badge on the left to see an updated status of our certification with Google.

AdWords Certification is as Easy as 1-2-3

In conclusion, it is imperative for any company or individual involved in AdWords services to take the Google AdWords Certification Program for the sake of accreditation and credibility.

If you are involved in search engine marketing, and want the best results for your clients, then this certification is fundamental.

Two exams are all it takes to achieve a higher AdWords usage status in, and investing a couple of hours will definitely guarantee better business opportunities in the future, both locally and internationally.

If you’re familiar with the day-to-day operations of a competent AdWords agency, you should have no problem passing the exams in an afternoon.

White Shark Media is aware of the importance of employing certified staff, and as experience has shown us, the best results are achieved when you are working with certified Google AdWords specialists.

AdWords Certified Partner Disclosure

On February 1st, Google rolled out new policies regarding third parties who handle AdWords accounts for clients.

These policies dictate that the client is required to know the following information when employing an AdWords agency:

  • AdWords Costs
  • Clicks
  • Impressions

At White Shark Media, this policy has had no effect on how we do our day-to-day reporting, or on our relationship with clients.

We’ve already found that it’s much more valuable to share our knowledge and results with the clients directly. The best way to ensure complete transparency is to work on the client’s own account, and this is exactly what we do.

We welcome the new policies as a way for the AdWords Certified Partner program to gain more credibility, as it’s only certified partners Google will be controlling.

Read the official Third Party Disclosure policy from Google before you join an AdWords agency: