White Shark Is The Way To Go

We have been open for two years now, 1 of which we do not include due to starting the business. And in those 3 years we have tried several marketing firms/companies. Every time we signed up on a marketing firm we were let down. I wanna say we tried and had contracts with 5 companies, whom painted the picture of being the best, great communication until they sold us on the product and made us sign the contract. From then on it was hell. No communication, no call backs, gave us the run around, thousands of dollars spent for absolutely nothing. It made us lose hope, until one day we spoke to a gentleman from white shark, I believe it was Eddie.

It was about 3 months after we spoke to this rep that we decided to take one last chance, we prayed and hope he would not let us down. We signed up, and we’re assigned to Enam… it was the best decision ever! I won’t lie, we were scared, and one of the main reasons why we tried was due to the non-contract agreement. This was major for us because we no longer had the budget to do marketing and/or advertising with any firm. From the beginning we were told that the communication would continue no mater what. Enam not only proved that we could trust an advertising company again but also gave us the best customer service ever! He keeps communication every week, pulse sends us charts and reports so we can see for ourselves that this is working. We are now seeing new customers come through our doors, which we have not seen with the other companies. White shark is the way to go, I don’t know if it was just the two representatives that we had but it was phenomenal! I would not try another firm, and I am so glad that they gave us the confidence to trust again.

Happy Customer.

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