White Shark Media works very hard to get constant improving results

I used to run basic and cheaper campaigns in Adwords Express that I managed myself with some success.

Since hiring White Shark Media to manage my pay-per-click campaigns we’ve been able to more than double the monthly traffic on my website over what my efforts alone were producing.

The increase has not only been through paid traffic but organic searches as well. I track and graph my results monthly and follow along with the monthly reports provided.

Your diligent, expert adjustment of bids, keyword adjustments, and budget allocation has my campaign results constantly trending up while reducing my cost per click.

I would never have been able to manage my AdWords campaigns as well. I feel that my strategist Marling and White Shark Media work very hard to get constant improving results and value for the monthly maintenance fees.

Marling, thank you for all your hard work monthly on my pay per click campaigns.

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