New business has increased as a direct result of Karinna’s knowledge

My husband and I recently bought an existing web-based business.  I was completely inexperienced at such a business and had to learn everything from scratch, including Google AdWords.

The previous owner already had an account with Google so I tried to learn all that I could and manage it myself.  Unfortunately, it was well beyond me to try to not only manage the account, but also increase traffic to my website as well.

Completely frustrated, I searched out a firm that was Google AdWords Certified and found White Shark Media. As soon as I saw their website, I knew they were the right people to manage my account. They displayed their different price structures and had photos of all of their personnel in a clear and concise manner.

I was assigned to Karinna Fuentes who handles my account. I couldn’t be happier.  New business has increased as a direct result of Karinna’s knowledge of keywords and Cost per Clicks.  She completely understood our business and knew exactly how she was going to get our goal accomplished, all with a fantastic personality and great customer service.

My husband and I pride ourselves on our customer service as we feel that it is what makes our business stand out from the rest, so we are truly appreciative of the great customer service we get from Karinna and White Shark.

Every time I have called her, if she is not available at the time, she returns my calls promptly, sometimes right after I have just hung up from leaving her a message.  You can’t get better service than that!  Thank you Karinna and White Shark- you are definitely the best!

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