The Company Has Built Up A Lot Of Trust With Me And I Highly Recommend Them

I’ve been in business and using SEO companies for my online marketing for about 15 years. I’ve been through the mill, of companies making promises to get me up to the top of the search engines just to get me signed up. 90% of the companies failed miserably or worst yet, used unethical ways to get my company up.

When I found Whiteshark, I realized that they actually showed a vested interest in my success online and went above and beyond to make sure my site was clean of toxic links and checked for anything that would impede the progress (rewriting my title tags with more relevant keywords).

All that and trying to look at all of the options that would move me the fastest up the search engines. They haven’t stopped that pursuit. My rep Maria Lopez is awesome to work with and the company has built up a lot of trust with me and I highly recommend them, especially if you’re tired of the false promises.

These guys over deliver, which is what I try to do with my own company.

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