Why do I have to Pay Setup Fee and Management Fee for the First Month?

When you first sign up for one of our PPC management services you will be asked to make a one-time payment that includes a setup fee and a  one-month management fee.

The reason why we require this payment is because building and maintaining/optimizing an Adwords campaign are two separate processes.

What’s Included in the Campaign Setup Process?

During the setup process, we focus on constructing your new campaign keeping your desired campaign results in mind.

In order to understand your business goals further and develop a strategy that best reflects your specific business objectives, we ask all our clients to complete a Campaign Questionnaire outlining their core business, the results they’d like to achieve, as well as other important elements.

We then build your campaign from scratch using your old data and the new campaign strategy that we have agreed with you.

Most times the setup is focused on:

  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Writing
  • Negative Keywords
  • Building the Campaign

This part is very time consuming as everything is being reviewed and scrutinized to make sure we get the best possible start for your new campaign.

Further, we expect to have 95% of campaigns ready within five business days of receiving the client’s Campaign Questionnaire.

What’s Included in the Optimization Process?

The optimization process starts from the second that the new campaign is activated. We always make sure to optimize our clients’ accounts at least two times during the first month. This ensures that we catch possible low-hanging fruits in the initial stages of the campaign.

Even though time was spent on creating a new campaign during a given month, we still optimize the campaign during that same month. This is important to make sure that as we move forward we have the required performance to increase Quality Score and other factors.

It is not until the second optimization is complete that  you will see the true results behind Account Executive’s work.

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