What is the Importance of Setting a Proper AdWords Budget?

One of the most common mistakes in Search Engine Marketing is failing to set a proper budget when launching a campaign.

We currently have a minimum $30 daily budget or $900 a month. This minimum spend is the lowest allowable minimum budget a client can invest in order to capture the search volume that is available in the market and reap optimal results.

This minimum amount helps advertisers not lose out on potential traffic to competitors who might be bidding more aggressively on the same keywords. For instance, if you have a $10 daily budget, but your competitor has a $40 budget, then your competitor will be able to outbid you easily and capture all the clicks when your budget expires.

Having a proper budget allows you to capture as much of the available search volume that is available for your campaign.

How can my Campaigns be more Cost-Effective?

One of the main concerns we hear from new clients is that they are scared of using up their advertising budget on AdWords. At White Shark Media, we develop our campaigns with a cost-effective account structure, which allows us to allocate most of your budget where it will be most efficient.

Our experience in keyword research ensures that we don’t buy keywords that are not likely to be good business for you. We use traffic estimators to gauge the performance of certain keywords, so that we predict behavior of keywords like plumbing systems and plumber san francisco. With the proper research we can start a campaign that’s more likely to become profitable.

Complete Tracking from Click to Sale

Another reason why you shouldn’t be scared about increasing your budget with a serious Search Engine Marketing agency is that we track everything from start to end.

We have call tracking included on all our plans and track other on-site user activity (contact form, quote requests, purchases etc.) directly with the AdWords conversion tracker or Google Analytics.

With the help of conversion analytics, we are able to optimize campaigns according to the top performing keywords, favoring those that are top drivers over those that have not generated great performance.

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