How Does Call Tracking Work Exactly?

Call Tracking can work in several different ways. The Call Tracking platform that we use works by inserting a small piece of JavaScript code onto your website.

This code strongly resembles the code generated by Google Analytics.

In the backend we set up the code so it only runs when a user comes from Google AdWords and that it only changes the phone numbers that have been agreed upon.

For instance if a user comes to after clicking an AdWords ad, then the number would be changed to a generic number that is associated with your account. In the case of, then we would set it up to change the number (305) 728-4828.

Once the user calls this number he/she would be forwarded, with no delay, to our regular telephone line and number.

While you’re talking with  the prospective client, the call tracking backend will start to decipher the data being received. It will see that the number dialed was associated with the search query “fixed price AdWords management”  meaning that the user clicked on the ad:

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After a week or two the Account Executive  will be able to  analyze the data and find out which ads drove the most calls and gain insight into campaign performance.

To sum up:

  1. We set up the code in the backend to change your phone number
  2. We tag all your ads in Google AdWords
  3. We place a small snippet of JavaScript on your website
  4. The phone number is automatically changed on your website, but only when a user is registered from the AdWords tag
  5. The call is logged and can now be analyzed to better optimize the AdWords campaign

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