Do You Completely Discard My Own Campaign When Building Yours?

We most certainly do not. All the data that you have collected in your campaign is carefully weighed in when we create our new campaign.

The best ideas on how to build your new campaign are often found within your old campaign. It’s not always the case, but in 95% of the campaigns we build in White Shark Media we gain insight into the client’s previous campaign.

Successful Campaigns are Always Used as Inspiration

It’s especially important to find inspiration in your old campaign if that campaign has been successful.

We like to think of the work we do in different levels. If your campaign is a level one then we can take it to level 10 in 12 weeks.

If your campaign is a level 5 at the beginning then we can take it to level 13 in 12 weeks.

The better the starting point of your current campaign the better results we can achieve.

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