Why Do You Write ‘Up To’ in the PPC Plan Descriptions?

You might have noticed that in some of the rows in our PPC plans we write “Up To 400 Keywords” or “Up to 4 ads”.

This is because it’s not always beneficial to create 4 ads in an ad group or add 400 keywords. Sometimes it’s simply best to go with 10 core keywords that generate the highest ROI every month. It all depends on the strategy and the tactics that your account needs implemented to improve performance.

What Statistical Significance has to do with the Number of AdWords Ads

From the beginning of a campaign it’s important to avoid adding too many ads in every ad group because it will take too long to optimize your campaign. If you create 4 ads in an ad group that only receives 4 clicks a day, then it will take you 100 days (100 times 4) to generate 400 clicks.

A rule-of-thumb in AdWords is that you want to at least generate 100 clicks before you determine if something is statistically significant. In some cases you can do it faster, but in most cases you need more data before you start making decisions.

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