Do You Work On My Google AdWords Account?

Depending on what your current Google AdWords performance is we either take over management of your existing AdWords account or create a new AdWords account for the purpose.

If you’re doing well we don’t want to jeopardize your existing performance and normally work out of your existing account.

Under all circumstances, the campaigns we create and optimize are owned by you. We will never delete or deny access to the campaigns that we create for you.

Benefits from Starting with a New Google AdWords Account

Starting with a Clean Slate

Data in the AdWords profile only reflects performance results from White Shark Media. Performance is easier to analyze and interpret with a clean slate, as opposed to viewing old account performance versus current performance in aggregate, which skews data and can be misleading.

Better Quality Scores = Lower Cost per Click

Quality score starts from scratch with the new campaign setup and is not hindered by the account’s previous performance. This leads to a lower Account-wide cost-per-click, helping clients drive more clicks for the same budget.

The End Result is a Better Cost per Acquisition

A lower cost-per-click ultimately leads to a more cost-effective use of our client’s budget dollars and the potential to drive more traffic. An increase in traffic can result in an increase in sign-ups, sales, calls or registrations.

Full Reporting and Access to the Account

It’s important that you can see what’s going on since that the work isn’t being done on your own account. We therefore give you read-only access to the AdWords account.

This enables you to see the entire account and make sure that everything is how you want it.

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