How Can I Measure My ROI?

We focus on setting up all online possibilities to track every single client’s ROI on their marketing efforts.

ROI is determined differently depending on the type of business.

For instance, E-Commerce websites are fairly easy. If you are an E-Commerce store then you simply need to enable the Google Analytics E-Commerce function and you will start seeing revenue data.

This will be for good all your traffic sources and of course for your Google AdWords campaigns, as well.

When it comes to other businesses where the final transaction happens away from the website, then it gets trickier.

Local Business Google AdWords ROI Tracking

Truth be told, it is almost impossible to track your precise ROI without very advanced tools. However, there are ways for you to get a good idea of how to track your ROI as a local business.

1) Contact Form

If you know how many of your contact form completions actually turn into orders, then we can calculate an average value per contact form completion.

If you close every 4th contact form completion for an amount of $100, you will achieve revenue of $25 per contact form completion on average.

It’s not an exact science, but it is very useful nonetheless.

2) Call Tracking

The same can be achieved through Call Tracking to track your phone calls. Again, you calculate the average closing rate, which on phone calls might be every other phone call for $150.

Now you know that every phone call you receive from AdWords roughly turns into a $75 revenue.

From here it’s simple to calculate a rough estimate for your ROI based on the AdWords costs and the average profit per order.

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