What is Google AdWords Conversion Tracking?

Conversion Tracking is the primary way for most businesses to track their Google AdWords performance. It works by identifying a specific page  on your website that represents the success of a certain action that you’re measuring through your AdWords campaign.

Some ideas of what Conversion Tracking can  measure are:

  • Purchases
  • Contact Form Completions
  • Bookings, Reservations etc.
  • Newsletter Sign-Ups
  • Showing of important page (contact page, flyer etc.)

All you have to do is generate a code within AdWords and insert this code on the corresponding page.


If you want to track the number of contact form completions, then the ‘Thank You for Contacting  Us’-page will  be equal to  a successful contact form completion.  So, you insert your conversion tracking code on this page.

Note, the code should only be inserted on one page.

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