Can You Improve My Campaign if it’s Already Doing Well?

Even though it might sound contradictory, the better the AdWords campaign you had before, the faster you will be able to see great results. We quickly edit your campaign based on a new angle and approach that might yield even better results.

If you had a good AdWords campaign active that has generated 10 calls per week, then we know that our optimization strategies will be able to squeeze more calls out of the same setup very quickly.

If you never have had success with AdWords then it might take a bit longer than a month to reach your goals. When we don’t have any previous data to base our campaign on, then we need to test out different ad messaging, keywords and sometimes even entire structures.

We like to think of the work we do in different levels. If your campaign is a level one then we can take it to level 10 in 12 weeks.

If your campaign is a level 5 at the beginning then we can take it to level 13 in 12 weeks.

The better the starting point of your current campaign the better the results we can achieve.

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