What Results Can I Expect in the First Month?

The results that you can expect from the first month of AdWords search management are highly individualized.

There are many factors that need to be weighed in, but the the most important  is how good your old campaign was.

Even though it might sound contradicting, the better the old campaign is, the faster the results will be.

For example, if you had an active AdWords campaign that generated 10 calls per week, then we know that our optimization strategies will be able to squeeze more calls out of the same setup.

If you never have had success with AdWords then it might take a bit longer than a month to reach profitability. When we don’t have anything to base our campaign on, then we need to test out different ad messages, and  keywords among other metrics.

The First Week with a New AdWords Campaign

The first week of your new AdWords campaign will in most cases be the hardest for you to watch. When we first start your new campaign, Google will look at it and say, “I don’t know you. I will keep you on leash a bit until I get to know you a bit better”.

Google will in most cases see that your new campaign is well structured, gets good CTRs and your landing page converts well after 3-7 days. At this point, we will begin to optimize and you will start to see the real success from our work. This process resembles a lot to the story about the lumberjack who didn’t care about sharpening his axe because he was too busy chopping wood.

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