What are the Differences Between an AdWords Certified partner and a Regular Agency?

There are several differences between AdWords Certified Partners and regular agencies.

Even though an AdWords Certified Partner is by no means a 100% guarantee for expertise, it helps you know that the agency is serious about its reputation in the businesses.

With non-certified AdWords agencies, you cannot know for sure if they’ve just opened up, or if they have zero experience in AdWords.

Google requires certified partners to:

  • Have at least a $10.000 spend the last 90 days
  • Have at least 60 days existence (with spend in an MCC AdWords Account)
  • Have at least passed two AdWords exams – One fundamentals and one advanced

Even though this doesn’t tell you whether or not an agency is a complete expert, it gives you a good outline that the Certified AdWords Agency has existed for a while and has some knowledge about Google AdWords.

AdWords Certified Partners are Regulated by Google Directly

One of the advantages of choosing an AdWords Certified Partner is that Google directly regulates them.

Google opens up a line of communication with Certified Partners so the agencies can adhere to the strict guidelines Google has established over the years.

We visited Google’s headquarters for the first time in March 2012 and since late 2011 have had a dedicated partner team to speak  with and provide advice.

They also notify us if any clients, or prospective clients, feel that we aren’t living up to our name. We had a couple of complaints when we were first founded, but haven’t had any since February 2011.

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