What’s the Difference Between Using White Shark Media and I’m Doing It Myself?

We will assume you are a regular business owner, marketing manager or someone else without a dedicated weekly optimization habit.

Experience Is Key

We have experience in all mainstream industries and more niche industries that we can count. One of the  greatest advantages as an agency is that we aren’t just analyzing one account. We are often examining hundreds a year and have access to several hundreds at all times.

Have you ever wondered if the Olympics, holidays or other seasonal market changes affect your AdWords campaign positively? We know exactly how these factors affect your campaign because we have seen it happen on hundreds of accounts allowing us to skip 70% of the guesswork when launching a new campaign.

Essentially, we have the experience and optimization strategies to reach profitability a lot faster than the normal business owner.

We Are On Top Of Industry Innovations And News

As a passionate search company, we are always interested in the latest news and innovations in our industry.

We read and write about  the most important aspects in the search industry, including Adwords best practices, key steps for campaign optimization among many others. Read about these and more on our Blog.

Daily Optimizations Keep Us Focused

We work with AdWords and general PPC every day, 8 hours a day 5 days a week (it’s more than that for most of our team members). It keeps us fresh when it comes to all search related activities.

You might be wondering if Google AdWords has been made so simple by Google,  why would you need help managing an AdWords campaign in the first place? The truth is that as simple as AdWords appears to be, it is actually twice as advanced once you start to learn about all the different factors that determine your campaign success.

White Shark Media has a direct line to a dedicated Google AdWords partner team  that we regularly meet up with.

As a result, we don’t have to rely on a generic phone number or an email that goes unanswered. We have a promise of a 24-hour response time, and in most cases we receive an answer the same day.

Search Is What We’re Passionate About

We assume that you didn’t start your own business or started working in your field in order to work with AdWords.

AdWords is what we’re passionate about and we love to work with it every day. You should have the opportunity to do the same with your own business endeavors. Let us handle your AdWords campaigns and free up some time to focus on what you are really passionate about.

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