As a Digital Marketing Consultant @ White Shark Media you will be Partnering with all Sales/Product Teams to deliver an exceptional client experience to maximize retention and growth opportunities. Effectively manage client account relationships in order to maximize upsell and cross sell opportunities with our solutions to best suit our client’s objectives. Cultivate New Business referral opportunities from existing clients.

Build and maintain client relationships with more than 50% of time spent with clients on the phone. Delivering high-quality client experience and foster ongoing client relationship. This will include on-boarding calls, status calls, check in calls, cross-sell and upsell calls, renewal and referral opportunities. Maintain all Client records, notes and history in Salesforce. Generate referrals from Existing Clients for additional solutions. Ensure advertising campaigns correlate with advertiser’s goals to maximize ROI. Make discretionary decisions on promotional allowances in order to facilitate client issue resolution. Participate in all developmental activities, training and development. Maintain exceptional scores on CSAT, Team and Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Key Roles & Responsibilities


  • First responder for client requests and questions
  • On-board New Clients as sold by Sales Department, DMA’s


  • Work cooperatively with all WSM team members and departments on client management
  • Review Campaign Performance with DME partners in preparation for all client calls
  • Assess campaign performance with DME partners and resolve issues
  • Monitor client payments and payment failures
  • Attend and participate in schedule training and development sessions


  • Perform monthly client calls
  • Identify opportunities for cross-sell and upsell
  • Present and close upsell and cross- sell opportunities
  • Attend training sessions – sales, product or platform

As Needed

  • Coordinate client escalations
  • Communicate with other teams to resolve client issues
  • Address client reporting requests
  • Facilitate payment collections.

Required Skills/Experience

Business Development and Retention

  • Ability to develop and foster long term relationships with existing and newly acquired clients.
  • Ability to diagnose a client’s needs and tie solutions to those needs
  • Ability to recognize upsell/cross selling opportunities and communicate recommended solutions
  • Responsible for sustaining and renewing client contracts
  • Experience in CRM systems, contract and payment transactions
  • Conducts business analysis to quickly assess issue and identify problem resolution
  • Consultative approach to account management and client interaction

Personal Attributes

  • Strong communication / listening skills
  • Strong ability to build rapport and personal relationships with your clients
  • Strong conflict resolution skills in working toward resolutions between clients and WSM.
  • Ability to collaborate with internal stakeholders and cross functional teams
  • Ability to utilize strong listening and questioning skills in order to identify needs and recommend solutions
  • Ability to juggle multiple priorities and tasks
  • Confrontational management skills and the ability to navigate through difficult situations

Required Skills/Experience

  • The individual must have Ability to work both as part of a team and under own initiative who also Role models good team behaviour and  has a Flexible and proactive approach to workload as well as  Ability to demonstrate good problem solving and decision making skills.
  • Keyboard skills, including use of Word, Excel and Outlook
  • A passion for good service.

180+ Digital Marketing Experts

  • $35,923,288Ad Spend last 12 Months
  • 39,473Reports Sent
  • 315,784Client emails answered
  • 88AdWords Certified Individuals
  • 69Google Shopping Certified
  • 77Bing Ads Accredited
  • 52Google Analytics Certified