As an SEO Specialist at White Shark Media® you’re responsible for revisions, quality assurance and reporting for SEO and SEM clients. You’re role is to review the work provided by our Ignite team to make sure it’s not only grammatically and structurally correct but is also the correct strategy to maximize the volume of inbound organic traffic from search engines to our clients’ website.
Your daily responsibilities will be to QA 8 SEO accounts per day (160 per month) and be continually providing internal support to DMCs and your supervisor on the status and health of every account you oversee.
You’ll also be responsible for providing monthly reports for all of your clients.

You will work in a dynamic environment that requires you to be continually learning, fine-tuning your skills, and experimenting to discover how the industry is shifting.

An ideal candidate must be goal oriented, possess exceptional attention to detail, and have outstanding interpersonal skills. This role involves working closely with the company team to make sure that the goals of the client are achieved.

Your main responsibility will be to keep your clients happy and help them achieve the desired results in WSM.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

  • Review and analyze SEO campaign for areas that need to be improved, erased or revised.
  • Conduct ongoing SEO assessments to ensure best practices are being properly implemented across the site.
  • Create & Provide all monthly reports
  • Create local listings using Yext and monitor listing performance.
  • Review Functionality of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Scripts.
  • Sync with DMCs to deliver SEO Reports, and review the account.
  • Prioritize and complete work assignments in accordance to deadlines.
  • Optimizing your current client portfolio.

Required Skills/Experience

  • Extreme attention to detail with a perfectionist streak
  • Analytical Mindset. Recognize patterns, issues and items that don’t add up..
  • The ability to work with back-end SEO elements such as robots.txt, metadata, site speed optimization, and related skills.
  • Basic HTML Knowledge and CSS.
  • Ability and willingness to learn new technologies and tools.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and to keep abreast of innovative trends and technologies.
  • Effective verbal and written communication.
  • Friendly, courteous, professional, outgoing, and customer service oriented.
  • Capable of driving for results under pressure and ambiguity.
  • Must be able to work independently and productively with minimum supervision.
  • Comfortable working in a collaborative, creative, fast paced, and agile environment.
  • General understanding of what Algorithm is.
  • Good Internal Communication skills (peer to peer).

Desired Skills/Experience

  • Experience with Google and Bing’s services, including Analytics and Webmaster Tools.
  • Knowledge of other languages in addition to English or Spanish.

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