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My rep Ana is so absolutely dedicated to our success that it feels like she is a part of our company.

Rohan Gilkes Owner at Maids in Black

When White Shark is more familiar with what to promote than even me - the owner of the company - THAT is impressive!

Master Jeff Wade Owner at South Miami TKD

Start with a Free Evaluation

All our evaluations are performed using the conference software Bria. You can see our screen and follow us every step of the way for 100% understanding of the aspects that we mention.

With Bria you can follow our every step and see exactly how we come to the conclusions that we are explaining you throughout the evaluation.

A Proud Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner

The Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner program only includes hand-picked agencies that have met Google’s most stringent eligibility and training requirements.

As a local business, you can will thousands of small businesses who have benefited from the proven expertise that has made us a unique Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner.

Evaluation by SEO and AdWords Certified Specialist

All our Digital Media Advisor have been trained by Google AdWords and SEO experts within White Shark Media and have managed campaigns throughout a number of years to completely understand the processes.

This ensures that you will gain actual insights to how your SEM can be improved instead of standard best practice fluff.

Afterwards, you either Hire Us, or you Walk Away Smarter

We have never experienced advertisers walking away from our evaluations without either new valuable information about how to improve their Google AdWords campaigns, SEO or by hiring us to manage their Search Engine Marketing.

If your campaigns for any reason are too advanced for our Digital Media Advisor we pull in the big guns (PPC Engineer, PPC Director or Director of SEO). You will always walk away smarter about your Search Engine Marketing from a White Shark Media evaluation.

How We Evaluate Your
Search Engine Marketing

1 Overall Google AdWords Performance

1 Overall Google AdWords Performance

We start out with providing you with a bird’s eye view of how your Google AdWords campaigns are performing. You will, amongst other things, learn what the standards are within your specific industry when it comes to:

  • Click-Through-Rate
  • Cost-Per-Click
  • Conversion Rate

The set-up will enable us to talk in more  detail about the exact pain points that you’re experiencing and how the individual factors of your Google AdWords campaigns influence your performance.

2 Keyword & Match Type Selection

2 Keyword & Match Type Selection

Selecting the keywords most likely to be profitable for you is a feat that takes a lot of skill and experience. Not even seasoned AdWords experts can predict the profitability of a given keyword. In this assessment we will analyze your keyword selection using best practices for your specific industry and use the performance metrics to determine their success.

At the same time we will analyze your match type selection. Even if you have chosen the best keywords, if you don’t use the appropriate match types, you will end up with sub-par performance.

3 Tracking

3 Tracking

One of the most important parts of a successful Google AdWords advertising strategy is setting up the proper tracking efforts. Without knowing what parts of your Google AdWords campaigns are providing you with leads, sales and revenue it’s impossible to improve your Google AdWords performance.

In White Shark Media we use several forms of tracking and during this part of the assessment we will analyze your business model and provide you with the information on how you should be tracking your Google AdWords campaigns.

4 Optimization
Techniques Utilized

4 Optimization
Techniques Utilized

Once you have created and launched your Google AdWords campaigns –  it’s just the beginning. Any successfully running Google AdWords campaign needs constant optimization to keep up with competitors’ optimizations and hopefully enable you to keep improving your performance.

During this part of the assessment we will review your optimization history and provide you with feedback on what tactics you have been utilizing as well as what tactics you should implement moving forward.

5 Baseline Audit with 3rd Party Tool

5 Baseline Audit with 3rd Party Tool

To ensure that we are as transparent as possible we use a reputable 3rd party tool to establish a baseline for your current SEO performance. For SEO purposes we use the tools On-Page Grader and Open Site Explorer from Moz.

By using a well-known and respected 3rd party tool we eliminate all doubt about your current performance and can look for the best solution moving forward.

6 SEO Analysis of Key Ranking Factors

6 SEO Analysis of Key Ranking Factors

Keyword Research and Geographical Testing

Selecting the right type and volume of keywords to place on a website takes experience and testing. Determining what keywords work best and where requires constant testing and use the performance metrics to determine their success.

Social Media & Local Citation Evaluation

As part of our “Reputation Management” we look for and audit all major Social Media listings in order to provide insight. Changes to pertinent information, advice on posting content, and analyzing whether social media is right for your business.

The other half of our “Reputation Management” is Local Citation Curation. We audit all major existing Local Citations in order to provide more insights. NAP consistency, well written citation information and proper management of review is key to your Citations, and Business’s success.

Optimization Techniques Utilized

Having a website is just the beginning. Any successfully online entity needs constant optimization to keep up with the changing SEO landscape, competitors’ optimizations and hopefully to continue improving your performance.

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Since we opened one year ago, our company has done over $1.5 million in sales with the help of White Shark Media.

Lakeland Smile Experts-White Shark Media Client

Lou Zaour Marketing Director at Lakeland Smile Experts

We have received good leads which we’ve been able to turn into new accounts.

Tom Grassi Owner at Stratus Building Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are your performance evaluation standard templates?

    Even though we do assess your Google AdWords campaigns based on certain factors, most evaluations touch on different topics every time. Furthermore, each evaluation is performed live, so you’re free to ask any question you have on your mind and the Digital Media Advisor will always contribute with something new.

    We therefore do not have standard templates where we build our Google AdWords evaluations.

  2. Are there any hidden fees associated with the evaluation?

    No. Our evaluations are always 100% free of charge.


  3. How do you get access to our Google AdWords account?

    As a digital marketing agency we use Google’s Multi Client Centers (MCC) to gain access to advertisers’ Google AdWords accounts. This works by you sending us your 10 digit Customer ID. With this ID we can send you an invitation to join our MCC and gain access to your Google AdWords account.

    The benefits of using this type of access is that you can always remove our access. Furthermore, with this type of access no login information passes hands and we don’t have access to your billing information.

  4. Will you make any changes to my Google AdWords campaigns or website?

    We always guarantee that we will not make any changes to your Google AdWords campaigns during the evaluation.

    First of all, we dont work for free and it would be against common sense to make changes to your Google AdWords campaigns without being paid for it and against your will.

    Secondly, you can always revise and revert any change in your Google AdWords account using the Change History tool.