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Gestión de SEO para Comercios en Línea

  • Ejecución completa de la estrategia SEO en su página
  • Optimización de palabras claves basada en el rendimiento
  • Incluye PPC para comercio en línea y características de SEO
Beneficios Precios

Our company has done over $1.5 million in sales with the help of White Shark Media.

Lakeland Smile Experts-White Shark Media Client

Lou Zaour Marketing Director at Lakeland Smile Experts

New clients have grown by over 400% in the first year alone.

Jim Frank President at Valley Metal Products

Equipo dedicado de especialistas en SEO

Cada cliente en White Shark Media recibe un dedicado grupo de profesionales con experiencia en SEO.

Su equipo incluye un asesor de SEO, un especialista en SEO y un supervisor de SEO; todos con una trayectoria aprobada en SEO local y años de experiencia.

Orgullosos Socios Premium de Google AdWords para PyMes & Bing

El programa de Socios Premium solo incluye empresas escogidas de la mano de Google que cumplen con los más estrictos requerimientos de entrenamiento y funcionamiento.

Como empresa a nivel nacional, puede unirse a miles de pequeñas empresas que se han beneficiado de la experiencia comprobada de AdWords que nos ha convertido en un socio único de Google AdWords

Búsquedas de palabras clave y creación de contenido impulsadas por rendimiento

Su Asesor de SEO se convierte en parte de su negocio, dándole ideas sobre sus palabras clave más populares, creando contenido exclusivo, relevante y ayudándole a mantenerse en la cima de sus revisiones de clientes más importantes cada mes.

Una vez que su negocio tiene una base sólida con un sitio web correctamente optimizado, esta estrategia seguirá mejorando su rendimiento mes tras mes.

Empieza con una Evaluación gratuita de SEO

Hable con uno de nuestros especialistas en SEO sobre cómo hacer crecer su negocio con nuestros servicios de SEO locales.

Llámanos hoy al (305) 728-4828 y aprende más sobre nuestra gama de servicios.

  • Compare Our Plans & Pricing

  • Features Included

  • Target Keywords

  • Keyword Themes

  • Analytics & Search Console Setup

  • Onsite Optimizations

  • Citations

  • Bookmarkings

  • Article Submission

  • Article Bookmarking

  • Tier 2 Content Marketing

  • Tier 2 Bookmarking

  • Optimized Blog Post

  • Branded/ Unbranded Content

  • Reporting

  • SEO Report

  • SEO Audit/ Suggestions

  • Total 1st Month Cost:

  • Ongoing monthly cost:

  • Essential
  • $1,299 per month

    $1,299 Setup Fee

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  • 10 



  • Monthly 

  • Monthly 

  • $2,598

  • $1,299

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  • Pro
  • $1,499 per month

    $1,499 Setup Fee

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  • 20 



  • 10 

  • Monthly 

  • Monthly 

  • $2,998

  • $1,499

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  • Platinum
  • $1,699 per month

    $1,699 Setup Fee

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  • 30 



  • 15 

  • 10 

  • Monthly 

  • Monthly 

  • $3,398

  • $1,699

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Our plans are on an automatic month-to-month recurring billing contract.

The new clients, the new cases I have signed, and the conversion rate have been what has impressed me the most.

Micah Longo Owner at The Longo Firm

This will be the only company I will be using for the life of my company and you should do the same.

Todd Lacroix President at

Preguntas Frecuentes

  1. How many keywords will I rank #1 for?

    A proper SEO company will never guarantee you rankings or traffic. Real SEO increases the relevancy and importance of your website, this is what search engines use to rank results. As we are not Google, a ranking guarantee isn’t possible. However, we do guarantee increases in traffic and engagement for all of our SEO clients.

  2. How long does it take to see results?

    SEO is a slow, organic process that relies heavily on creating or reenforcing your websites foundation. Typically we begin seeing results by the end of the second month/ beginning of the third month with continued steady results there after.

  3. What reporting do you offer?

    Once a month you will receive a full SEO report containing:

    • A breakdown of your organic traffic and engagement
    • A rankings report of your top organic keywords
    • Optimization highlights & takeaways
    • Full list of all changes made
    • A “Future Strategy” section

    In addition to the report we provide a monthly phone call to discuss the monthly report as well as addressing client questions, concerns, and future requests.

  4. Do you offer Link Building?

    Link Building for local businesses is a very personal and difficult discipline to implement from a third party perspective. We don’t know your local affiliations, community outreach, sponsors, and so on… For this reason we do not provide Link Building services in the traditional sense. We do however, consult and manage your website’s entire back link profile, constantly checking for new link opportunities and potential “Bad Links”.

    Not including traditional Link Building services is not something that has caused any challenges in providing solid, long-lasting SEO results in the past. Link Building done wrong is the biggest reason that websites lose their rankings in Google permanently.

  5. What happens with my website if I cancel?*

    All of our websites are carefully crafted using our proprietary Triton™ CMS. If you wish to cancel your SEO plan and manage your site yourself, you are able to do this.

    Our DIY pricing is only 19 dollars per month. This includes:

    • Access to Triton™ CMS
    • Hosting
    • Security updates
    • Weekly backups

    Any updates or changes to your site can then be ordered on an ad hoc basis through your Web Account Manager.

    * Note for websites purchased before March 2015

    If you want to take your website after the initial 3 months with you the cost is:

    • 1-6 months: $990.00
    • 6-18 months: $490.00
  6. What if I have more pages on my existing website than your service includes?

    We will be happy to assist you if you have more pages than your SEO plan includes.

    Pricing for additional pages (limited to a maximum of 250 pages):

    • $100 for 10 pages
    • $350 for 50 pages

    Note that this only include designing the pages for your new website. It doesn’t include copywriting, images or other creative work to these pages.