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Gain Insight On How To Improve Your SEO Strategies

  • Start with a live SEO evaluation with a Digital Media Advisor
  • Discover how we would improve your SEO and why
  • Discuss the SEO strategy that matches your business objectives
  • Decide on the management plan that enables your strategy
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The new clients, the new cases I have signed, and the conversion rate have been what has impressed me the most.

Micah Longo Owner at The Longo Firm

We have never experienced the growth in leads and conversions to sales as we have since White Shark Media has come on board.

Jim Frank President Valley City Metal Products at Valley City Metals, INC

Start with a Free Evaluation

All our evaluations are performed using the conference software bria. You’ll be able to see what we’re doing to help you understand all of the aspects that we mention.

With bria you’ll follow our every step and see exactly how we come to the conclusions that we are explaining you throughout the evaluation.

A Proud Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner

The Google AdWords Premier Partner program only includes hand-picked agencies that have met Google’s most stringent eligibility and training requirements.

As a business, you will join thousands of small businesses who have benefited from the proven expertise that has made us a unique Google AdWords Premier Partner.

Evaluation by Highly-Trained SEO Professionals

All our Digital Media Advisors have been trained by SEO experts within White Shark Media and have overseen SEO campaigns to truly understand the processes.

This allows them to effectively audit and point out key areas for improvement in your current strategy, while highlighting our techniques and solutions.

Afterwards, you either Hire Us, or you Walk Away Smarter

We have never experienced business owners walking away from our evaluations without either new valuable information about how to improve their overall website or by hiring us to manage their website’s SEO  for them.


How We Evaluate Your Website and SEO Strategy

1 Baseline Audit with 3rd Party Tool

1 Baseline Audit with 3rd Party Tool

To ensure that we are as transparent as possible we use a reputable 3rd party tool to establish a baseline for your current SEO performance. For SEO purposes we use the tools On-Page Grader and Open Site Explorer from Moz.

By using a well-known and respected 3rd party tool we eliminate all doubt about your current performance and can look for the best solution moving forward.

2 Overall Content Analyzation

2 Overall Content Analyzation

We start out with providing you with a bird’s eye view of how well your content is optimized. You will learn what high level changes are needed and how they could affect your website’s:


  • Visits
  • Pages Per Visit
  • Bounce Rate

This will allow us to have a more detailed understanding about the exact pain points that you’re experiencing and how content creation or changes can influence  these points.

3 Keyword Research and Geographical Testing

3 Keyword Research and Geographical Testing

Selecting the right type and volume of keywords to place on a website takes experience and testing. Determining what keywords work best and where requires constant testing and use the performance metrics to determine their success.

With View Only analytics permissions we audit your historical traffic and engagement metrics cross referenced with geographical performance data to determine whether your current Keyword strategy is as optimized as possible.

4 Social Media Evaluation

4 Social Media Evaluation

As part of our “Reputation Management” we look for and audit all major Social Media listings in order to provide insight. Changes to pertinent information, advice on posting content, and analyzing whether social media is right for your business.

5 Local Citation Evaluation

5 Local Citation Evaluation

The other half of our “Reputation Management” is Local Citation Curation. We audit all major existing Local Citations in order to provide more insights. NAP consistency, well written citation information and proper management of review is key to your Citations, and Business’s success.

We’ll make sure no matter how you’e found a searcher leads to a visitor.

6 Optimization Techniques Utilized

6 Optimization Techniques Utilized

Having a website is just the beginning. Any successfully online entity needs constant optimization to keep up with the changing SEO landscape, competitors’ optimizations and hopefully to continue improving your performance.

During this part of the assessment, we will review your optimization history and provide you with feedback on what tactics you have been utilizing as well as what tactics you should implement moving forward.

Get a Free SEO Evaluation

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They met all my expectations; I am very satisfied with the services provided. I would definitely recommend White Shark Media

Luis Felix Owner at LMT International

If anyone is questioning using White Shark Media, think no more. This will be the only company I will be using for the life of my company and you should do the same.

Todd Lacroix President at

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many keywords will I rank #1 for?

    A proper SEO company will never guarantee you rankings or traffic. Real SEO increases the relevancy and importance of your website, this is what search engines use to rank results. As we are not Google a ranking guarantee isn’t possible. However, we do guarantee increases in traffic and engagement for all of our SEO clients.

  2. How long does it take to see results?

    SEO is a slow, organic process that relies heavily on creating or reinforcing your websites foundation. Typically we begin seeing results by the end of the second month/ beginning of the third month with continued steady results there after.

  3. What reporting do you offer?

    Once a month you will receive a full SEO report containing:

    • A breakdown of your organic traffic and engagement.
    • A rankings report of your top organic keywords.
    • Optimization highlights & takeaways
    • Full list of all changes made
    • A “Future Strategy” section

    In addition to the report we provide a monthly phone call to discuss the monthly report as well as addressing client questions, concerns, and future requests.

  4. Do you offer Link Building?

    Local link building is a very personal and difficult discipline to implement from a 3rd party perspective. We don’t know your local affiliations, community outreach, local sponsors, etc. For this reason we do not provide Link Building. We do however, consult and manage your websites entire back link profile, constantly checking for new link opportunities and potential “Bad Links”.