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White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency with more than ten years of experience managing pay-per-click campaigns with Google, Microsoft, and Facebook Ads. We provide custom PPC solutions and white label services to businesses, agencies, and organizations.

Our Programs Are A Step Ahead

Great partners know your industry and listen to your objectives. White Shark Media’s programs are designed to do both. Discover which one will fit your needs.

Paid Advertising Management

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PPC moves brands forward by connecting them to audiences and generating leads. This program is dedicated to helping businesses manage their Paid Advertising campaigns and boost sales.

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White Label PPC Partnerships

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PPC strategists require a deep understanding of the PPC industry, trends, and resources to be truly effective. You can outsource your PPC needs to experts to fulfill paid advertising strategies without hiring and training additional personnel.

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Custom Solutions
Enterprise Businesses

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Build a custom product, team, and pricing model for your enterprise business. Our teams create innovative solutions with tailored operational methodologies to match your needs and reach your objectives.

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The Impact of Our Seamless Blueprint

We understand that one size does not fit all, but our experience in PPC has taught us the essential strategies that achieve results. Our blueprint addresses our partners’ needs each and every time.

Bilingual Marketing Experts As Part Of Your Team

White Shark Media Team

We are a team of 110+ bilingual marketing professionals specializing in pay-per-click campaigns. Everyone is committed to providing the highest quality service and helping you reach your goals. Our work is founded on a proven PPC blueprint with ongoing training from our Google and Microsoft partnerships and learning and development team that tackles the ever-evolving marketplace.

Maximizing Efficiency Through PPC Technology

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In recent years, White Shark Media has transformed into a MarTech company and developed in-house tools that enable management and sales. This includes our Client & Partner Portals, Reporting Tool, and Compass as part of our Sales Enablement platform.

You can gain access to the most innovative tools in the PPC industry by accelerating your sales process and closing more deals.

A Pricing Structure Like No Other

White Shark Media Pricing Structure

We have offices in the United States and Nicaragua, which allows us to offer a unique and dynamic pricing structure.

Our work is affordable and competitive compared to other agencies in the United States, because our Nicaraguan headquarters contribute to our ability to provide premium services to businesses of all kinds at a reasonable price.

Customer Testimonials

“White Shark makes it way easier for me to manage a pretty important part of my client’s business and not have to worry about anything. It lets me spend more time focusing on servicing the client instead of managing their PPC. It’s good to also have someone to talk about the strategy with, it’s really helpful for me to make decisions and also present options to the client, knowing that it’s coming from a trusted source that is knowledgeable”.

Andy Morris | Hook & Blade

“Linda is fantastic, I’m beyond happy with how she’s doing campaign builds and optimizations. Can’t think of one thing to fault her with. It’s nice to have someone that makes it easy to be confident on the accounts and that she will follow through on everything”.

Gary Donson | Think Donson

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