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We are a digital marketing agency specializing in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on the Google, Microsoft, and Facebook platforms.

Our portfolio has recently expanded to offer our partners MarTech tools for PPC sales enablement. Over the years, White Shark Media has been awarded and recognized for its impact on the digital marketing industry and fostering leaders.

What We Do

We work with SMBs, marketing agencies, and large corporations on all things related to paid advertising. Whether you are a corporation looking for an agency to manage your PPC campaigns or a marketing agency looking to outsource your PPC efforts, we handle all.

Our Experience


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Our Offices

Headquartered in a Privileged Location

Our headquarters in Nicaragua is the heart of White Shark Media. It’s here in paradise where we work on our client’s solutions and groundbreaking PPC products.

Our location contributes to our top-quality infrastructure and the PPC powerhouse dynamics that companies and agencies rely on. This is where we constantly train our people and work to build a welcoming cultural environment.

Our Miami office is located in the Brickell area. If you’re ever in the area, contact one of our strategists for a meeting.

Our Tools

Growing Into a MarTech Company

White Shark Media Team

For years, we have been developing PPC tools and technology in-house.

White Shark Media’s Compass is a sales enablement PPC platform that provides a complete set of tools that marketing agencies need to sell PPC and reach their objectives.

We make it our business to equip sales teams with the content, guidance, and continued training they need to engage buyers effectively.

Our Shark’s DNA

Our clients and employees are at the heart of our strategy and our company culture. We work to keep both satisfied and inspired.

Our hiring process is a critical part of developing a customer-centric corporate culture, and our HR team works hard to find quality employees whose personal values ​​match our SharkDNA.



Team Work & Professionalism


Quality Standards & Accountability


Team Work & Professionalism


Quality Standards & Accountability

, It’s All About the Years

Today, we are proud to say that we have the most robust benefits program in the country. We understand the importance of investing in our employees as professionals and individuals. It is through the internal programs that we support employees and foster learning.

Our program contributes to the healthy functioning of the workplace and our employees’ personal growth through career development, financial stability, health, and well-being. More benefits are unlocked as each year passes. Our benefits include:

Kids Development Program

White Shark Media Team

We take great pride in having a space designated for child development. Our Children Development Space provides on-site homework support and distance learning programs.

This in-house program is a safe space where our Shark’s children can be looked after and nurtured. Children have access to tutors, holiday camps, extracurricular activities, and much more.

White Shark Media Care

White Shark Media Team

The WSM Care category encourages health awareness and checks up on their wellbeing. This service provides our employees access to health programs from the most prestigious health centers in the country. This package includes private health insurance, lenses program, dental care, and more.

Continuous Education Program

White Shark Media Team

Continued education promotes the ongoing professional and personal development of all our employees.

Our Learning & Development department guarantees that our Sharks are always on top of the latest digital marketing trends. The department manages a platform of academic programs that teach new skills, fine-tune basic skills, and expand their knowledge of the industry.

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