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Avoid Making These 3 AdWords Mistakes In Your Ecommerce Campaigns – Shark Bite [Video]

White Shark Media

8 years ago



With people constantly on the go and mobile purchasing becoming increasingly popular, Ecommerce is quickly evolving into the norm.

However, just because you exist on the web does not mean people will automatically come to you.

In today’s Shark Bite, Andrew shares his expertise on three typical mistakes he’s seen Ecommerce advertisers make on their AdWords campaigns.

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Video Transcription

Hi, everybody. My name is Andrew Lolk, and today we’ll talk about three big mistakes that e-commerce stores make when they advertise with Google AdWords.

The First Mistake Is About Missing the Different Keyword Categories

Keyword categories are usually matched out very well with the buyer’s journey. A keyword like “running shoes” is typically used by consumers early in the buyer’s journey when they’re unsure exactly what they’re looking for. A much stronger keyword that’s further along the buyer’s journey is one that includes the brand of running shoes, like for example, Nike running shoes for men.

The more specific a keyword is, the higher the likelihood that they’ll actually buy from you. If you only invest in the early stage keywords, then you’re going to risk spending a lot of money trying to convince users that they have to buy this thing that you have on your website. Instead, if you invest in the later stage keywords, then you’ll be able to just direct them to exactly what they’re already looking for.

The Second Mistake Is Not Optimizing Your Campaign for the Time of Day or Geographical Location That You’re Targeting

The beautiful part about having an e-commerce store is that you can sell anything to anyone, anywhere. However, for advertising to be efficient, you have to invest your money where you get the biggest bang for your buck.

By reviewing your conversion cost per location or the time of day, you can start making educated decisions about when you should shut down your advertising and when you should increase your investment.

The Third Mistake Is Not Using Re-Marketing for Search Ads

Remarketing Is a Household Name. I’m sure you’re using it already, but most advertisers have not really taken advantage of remarketing for search yet. Remarketing for search ads allows you to change your bids and ads when a consumer who has previously been to your site searches for any of your keywords.

This added interaction with your site should, in all likelihood, increase the chances that somebody will buy from your site. In terms of AdWords management, it translates into two things. The number one action you should take is to bid higher for these consumers. The number two thing is that you should add broader keywords, like our running shoe example from before.

Don’t Let These Mistakes Get in the Way of Your Success

So there we have it, folks. That’s the three big mistakes that we have seen in e-commerce advertisers make in their AdWords campaigns. I hope you enjoyed it, and otherwise, I’ll see you here next time.

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