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White Shark Media Academy: Online PPC Courses

Claudio Dominguez

5 years ago



Understanding Search Engine Marketing through Google Ads has become a staple in the modern marketing landscape. An advertising company cannot survive if it ignores that we are advertising in a digital era and not simply adding digital marketing to an otherwise traditional marketing mix.

Getting certified in these disciplines has become a mandatory task for agencies, not only to ensure partnership with both Google and Bing, but also to present results on account performance, propose additional solutions to existing clients, grow their portfolios, and increase client acquisition through a detailed online marketing strategy that caters to a prospect’s needs.   

Over the years, we have tried any and every course type you can think of. However, we found them insufficient to nurture account managers that would creatively and strategically implement search engine marketing solutions.

A need for proper training material and a unique methodology that would allow us to build new talent was born, and so we worked diligently to create our own training content and approach based on years of practice. In the last few months, we have been working in our own White Shark Media Academy. Now, we can proudly offer you a series of courses that are practical, insightful, and enjoyable, with no fluff or fillers, just pay per click solutions.

Each course of White Shark Media Academy will have a mix of self-study and online classes with an experienced trainer. For now, we will start off with the following four courses:

  • Google Ads – Basics
  • Google Ads – Display
  • Google Ads – Shopping
  • Google Ads – Remarketing

As this project grows, we will be adding courses for advanced optimization techniques for each certification, as well as courses aimed at agency enablement.

Some of the benefits that we offer through our platform are:

  • Highly interactive courses with video insights and walkthroughs
  • Live classes available for specific topics on a monthly basis
  • Certification preparation through mock tests on each module covered
  • Updated platform and features on all materials
  • Tips and tricks we have learned through the years of experience managing accounts
  • Personalized question and answering through our platform
  • The ability to keep up with your progress through a Dashboard that will keep you posted when it comes to new content, completed or overdue tasks
  • A feature which allows you to assign specific courses to your team associated with their learning path, so they will only cover what’s needed

Our White Shark Media Academy will have a beta release in April 1st. To make sure everything runs smoothly, we want a small number of testers to register. If you think you can benefit from it, send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll add you to our list of testers.

Be sure to keep reading our blog for more up-to-date information on what’s in store from White Shark Media in 2019!