One More Victory For PPC In A Complex Industry

Miguel Saballos

1 year ago

Given the present era of digital technology, where in individuals are increasingly dependent on the internet to seek out products and services, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising has emerged as a crucial instrument for businesses to connect with their desired audience efficiently. Notably, real estate companies can greatly advantage from PPC advertising, enabling them to actively engage potential customers actively in search of rental or purchase properties.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing in a Nutshell

Nevertheless, the success of a PPC campaign for a real estate enterprise hinges on multiple factors, including local competition, allocated budget, ad and landing page quality, and the capacity to convert clicks into viable leads or sales.

This article focuses on a case study that illustrates the advantages of PPC for a real estate business.

About Our Client

Our award-winning client has been a leader in rental vacation properties in one of South

Carolina’s premier destination locations since 1995. The company found success with a wide range of properties yet struggled in the online space. Therefore, decided to begin

working with us to maximize digital marketing possibilities.

The Challenge?

Their in-house team did not have the resources to optimize PPC campaign results, they were looking for an agency to help:

  • Maximize PPC campaigns efforts
  • Improve their PPC results by boosting their return-of-investment
  • Boost seasonal transactions

Marketing Strategy

Our client had previously experienced limited success with their Google Ads campaigns. To enhance their performance, we devised a strategy that aimed to maximize their results by implementing the following approaches:

  • Targeted Audience Segmentation: We recognized the importance of reaching the right audience with relevant ads. By splitting the campaign into specific segments, we ensured that each group received tailored messages aligning with their interests, demographics, or search intent. This approach allowed us to deliver more personalized and compelling advertisements to potential customers.
  • Maximizing Bids for Improved Returns: We understood that a higher bid could potentially lead to greater visibility and increased click-through rates. To optimize our client’s budget, we strategically increased bids for keywords that demonstrated strong performance and had the potential to generate valuable leads or sales. By prioritizing bids on these high-performing keywords, we aimed to deliver significant returns that justified the allocation of additional budget.
  • Seasonally Shifting Strategy: Recognizing that the real estate market experiences fluctuations throughout the year, we implemented a dynamic strategy that adapted to seasonal trends. We analyzed market patterns, buyer behavior, and industry insights to identify the most opportune periods for advertising certain property types or promotions. By adjusting our approach according to seasonal shifts, we aimed to optimize the return on investment and capitalize on peak demand periods.

By implementing these strategies, we aimed to revitalize our client’s Google Ads campaign and achieve more significant results. The focus was on reaching targeted audiences, maximizing bidding efficiency, and adapting to seasonal variations in order to drive improved performance and increase the return on investment for our client.

The Results?

After one full year with us, our client saw key metrics nearly double:

  • Total ROI jumped by a whopping 557%
  • Boost in Y-O-Y revenue by over 94%
  • Increase in Y-O-Y seasonal transactions by 94.6%

Let’s Wrap It Up!

PPC advertising offers landscaping businesses a highly efficient means of reaching their desired audience and generating valuable leads. However, it is essential to develop a meticulously planned campaign that aligns with the business’s objectives and integrates effective tracking mechanisms.

The achievements of White Shark Media with our client’s campaign serve as a compelling demonstration that a landscaping business can experience substantial enhancements in its PPC campaign metrics when employing the right strategy. These improvements can translate into increased return on investment and foster the growth of the business.

If you are contemplating a different approach or exploring alternative digital marketing channels, we invite you to explore our comprehensive online marketing blog. We assure you that you will discover precisely what you are seeking, providing valuable insights and guidance.