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Case Study: How We Skyrocketed User Growth by 234.22% with Facebook Ads

Antonella Saravia

2 months ago

It’s an exhilarating moment when a business transitions from being newly established to being ready to grow. Whether due to a high demand for products or competing for market share, these are signs that a business is prepared for more. 

That happened to our white-label services client, a Canadian cleaning service business. The company is a successful provider of services using 100% green-certified cleaning products. The company was doing well and found itself in a great spot.

The Opportunity

It was a great moment for all when our team at White Shark Media met with the client to discuss their aim to franchise their services. 

They planned to do this by leveraging online advertising, and our team was on board for the ride. We aimed to help them expand into new markets and appeal to new customers. 

The Business Objective

After understanding our client’s business goals, our team decided that campaigns needed to increase the client’s franchise landing page views to generate leads with a solid audience foundation.


  • Landing pages are essential as they are focused on one goal, making it easier for the user or reader to convert. Our client’s home page would be a generalized overview of service descriptions, availabilities, etc. All this information gets in the way. The landing page focuses solely on the opportunity to franchise and provides all the information to address concerns and encourage action.
  • This campaign focuses on lead generation. We aim to attract prospects and provide them with information to help them move forward in the buyer’s cycle. 

Our Approach

Compared to other platforms, Facebook was the right place for our campaigns. Its features align with our objectives, from its wealth of users to the ability to increase brand awareness and target specific demographics. 

Example of a Facebook Audience Ads

To achieve our goals, we used Facebook Audience ads to allow us to:

  • ✓ Lean on Facebook's current 3.049 billion monthly active users, we could reach a more extensive set of people for website traffic
  • ✓ Leverage ad campaign to reach precise audiences 
  • ✓ Communicate a trustworthy brand for your customers

Here’s a closer look at our approach:

  • Launched a broad traffic campaign for two months

    Broad traffic campaigns are free of filters and open to a larger audience. 

  • Ran a B2B-focused conversions campaign for three months

    Here, we rely on users' “interests” and demographic information to advertise to decision-makers and relevant industries. 

  • Collected relevant leads by re-engaging with previous campaign audiences

    There is an opportunity to reconnect with old leads; they are already familiar with your business, and it’s easier to revive their interest in your products or services. 

  • Paused the traffic campaign for conversions’ campaign budget efficiency.

    Pausing traffic campaigns prevents them from showing. We did this to ensure that we ran the most efficient campaigns possible.

The Outcome

Clients often approach us to get them out of sticky situations, but this was different, and we were excited to take on this “positive” challenge for our clients.

To summarize, it went well! 

During the first month with both campaigns, we had 300+ website visits and 17 leads.

  • Website visits focus on the number of times the landing page was loaded. Meanwhile, leads are potential customers who have shown interest in the franchise.

After two quarters, there were 4,000+ new users, 300+ website leads, and 59 calls.

  • New users refer visitors who are new to the site.
  • Website leads are potential customers captured specifically via the landing page.
  • Calls are the number of times someone reached out to learn more.

It was (yet again) a great moment for both businesses! Our team helped our client achieve its goals of opening up to new markets and customers. 

  • New users augmented by 234.22%
  • Sessions improved by 236.33%
  • Leads were raised by 573.33
  • Calls increased by 490.00%

Experience is critical to leveraging platforms to achieve your goals in an ever-evolving industry. If you have similarities with the case above and hope to leverage social media marketing to achieve your goals, visit us for more on Facebook Ads Growth.